Competitor backlinks

A Complete Guide On Competitor Backlinks 2023

Competitor backlinks

If you are a novice to business, you might have experienced a lot of struggles to meet your link-building goals. The major hurdle businesses face during the early stages is making your website recognizable to the target audience. 

A Complete Guide On Competitor Backlinks 2023

Digital marketing experts use various SEO tactics, including content marketing to increase the search engine visibility of your websites. What about backlinks? Is it essential to focus on backlinks to reach your goals? 

Yes, Backlinks play a critical role that would bring keen changes in Google’s positioning of your websites. Even though you are aware of the effectiveness of backlinks, do you know the need for competitor backlinks? Reading this blog, you will get a clear understanding of the competitor backlinks and the need for them. 

Backlinks and backlink pyramids are effective SEO techniques to improve your search rankings in search results. How will you know that you are winning over your main competitors?

So, you have to research and monitor the link-building strategies of your competitor sites. In such cases, competitor backlinks play a role. 

As the name suggests, it is an SEO strategy through which you monitor and analyze the backlinks from the competitor’s site to get a clear understanding of the types, quality, and number of backlinks used. 

Researching and having appropriate knowledge of competitor backlinks and their websites will help you build a strong backlinking strategy for your websites too!

By conducting proper research and effective competitor backlink analysis, you will get to know how many referral websites or domains and quality backlinks you need to beat the competitor websites. 

For example, if you and your competitor have created a post on lifestyle, the site that has more inbound links will rank high.

As the site which has more referring domains will have more authority in Google so it will always have the great potential to rank in Google.  

Do you know how to identify the competitor backlinks and carry out this analysis? Let’s dig in deeper. Before that let’s understand the type of competitors.

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Type Of Level Domains Competitors

There are two types of competitor Domains based on their ranking on Google pages.

  • Domain-Level Domains
  • Page-Level Domains

What are Domain-Level Competitors?

Domain-level competitors are the websites that compete with your whole site that comes under the same niche, industry, or similar information. 

These competitors will have many common search terms and targeted keywords across the websites. You will find these sites competing with your products and services. 

You can differentiate the domain-level competitors into two categories like 

  • inside-niche domain 
  • outside-niche domain

The competitors that compete with the products and services that your websites provide. You can consider Nike and Addidas as an example. Both companies focus on the same target audience with similar products and services. 

However, in the outside-niche domain, the companies or the websites might not have similar goals, but they are the sites that might target some of the same keywords that you might have. 

Ex: Business 1– Let’s take an organic grocery store that sells a variety of organic produce, meats, and packaged goods.

Business 2– On the other side a business sells a meal delivery service that specializes in organic, plant-based meals, In this case, there are chances both businesses use keywords such as “Organic Foods.

What are Page-Level Competitors?

Page-level competitors are the sites that rank competitively based on the specific keywords that you have on the individual pages. The products and services of your websites and competitors might vary from each other. 

For example, if you have a website based on educational courses, you might compete with a completely different website on page level based on the same keywords.

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In order to identify competitor Backlinks first you need to know who your competitors are. There are two types of competitors,

  • Business Competitors
  • SERP competitors

At this point, we are not focussing on the business competitors as we want to analyze and out beat SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Competing domains. 

Now in order to identify who is your SERP competitors There are a few ways,

  1. Simply type in your focus keyword in the Google search bar and open the list of linking domains that appear on the first page and now try to understand whether their business aligns with your business or not. 

If you have found that your product or services exactly matches that domain in SERP then that will be your direct competitor if not it might be an indirect competitor.

It is always recommended to go with direct SERP competitors to make the Competitor analysis in SEO more effective.

  1. The second way to find your competitors would be with the help of external tools such as Ahrefs, and Semrush. These are a few of the top tools which I personally use to find out my competitors.  

The common keywords indicate the keywords which you and the competitor is competing for. You are free to use efficient keyword tools for finding the top-performing keywords.

How to Identify Competitor Backlinks?
How to Identify Competitor Backlinks?

Once you have identified who your competitors are by either of the methods that we spoke about above. Now our next step is to dig deeper into the competitor’s SEO profile, So in order to do that let’s take the example of as our competitor. 

Now let’s add our competitor domain in the Ahrefs search bar and click on the backlinks option to view the complete backlink profile. So here there are a few things to notice that would be,

  • Total number of backlinks 
  • Backlinks acquired in last 30 days
  • Backlinks lost in the last 30 days
  • Link Type 
  • aDR of the Backlinks

With this, you can understand the backlinks that your competitor is building throughout the month and the quality of the links they are building. 

So based on these metrics searched you can come to a conclusion of what their link-building capability is. 

Analysing Competitor Backlinks 
Analysing Competitor Backlinks 

Other than the above-mentioned strategies, you could look for new backlink opportunities by analyzing and monitoring the competitor backlinks in real-time. 

This method will let you know the effective link-building strategy that is effective in the current scenarios. Through monitoring real-time backlink opportunities, you could also track digital PR strategies to stand out from the competition. 

It makes the process easier by helping you to choose the same websites for backlinking to win in the competitive search. 

It would be effective to use tools such as Buzzsumo to monitor competitive backlinks in real-time. Using such tools, you can easily create a backlink alert by inserting the domain or the URL of the website you want to check the backlinks. 

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Tracking the Competitor’s Brand Mentions

In order to disclose more backlink opportunities, tracking the competitor’s brands is also one of the best ways. As the name suggests, It is the number of times your competitor’s brands have been mentioned online and on various platforms. 

Google Alerts are the best tool to track the websites covering and mentioning your competitor brands. 

Here are a few steps to track the competitor brand mentions from Google Alerts

  • Insert your competitor’s brand name with a quote of “Create an alert about”. This will help you to get a list of competitor brand mentions. 
  • You can choose the frequency such as the number of alerts you want. 
  • Select and insert the following details like language, location, and email address for the alerts to get notified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is competitor backlinking?

Competitor backlinking is one of the search engine optimization strategies that would help you in discovering and analysing the backlinks of your competitor websites.

What is competitor backlink gap analysis?

Competitor backlink gap analysis is all about identifying and determining the pages and websites that are linked with your competitor websites.

The reverse engineering competitors backlink profile doesn’t always gonna help if you are focusing on outreach a mass campaign but nevertheless, it stands as one of the best ways for all the buddy websites if you are planning to outreach to a limit of 50 to 100 prospects. 

Now you might have got a clear understanding of how to identify your competitors and analyze their backlink profiles. Following these steps, you could easily create an effective link-building strategy and win over competitor sites. 

You are free to approach link-building experts or SEO companies for competitor backlinks analysis and robust backlink strategies to make your website more visible in Google. 

Looking for a perfect platform to improve your website rankings on Google? Reach out to for effectual link-building services

linkable assets for a website

Linkable Assets: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2023

In the ever-changing business world, people are searching for better digital marketing strategies for winning the competition.

Search engine optimization is one such method that has proven its power through the success of many businesses. But are you looking for something more? If yes, then linkable assets will help you.

Have you ever heard about a linkable asset? If you are a beginner who is not clear about linkable assets, then this is a perfect space to learn about them.

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What do you mean by a Linkable Asset?

You might have guessed what is linkable assets. Let’s begin with an example. While you scroll on social media, what can suddenly to a particular content? Some unique or relatable content, right?

Similarly, your target audience and search engines are interested in valuable content that is more relevant. It might be similar to the memes you share on social media when you find it relatable.

In simple words, linkable assets are a piece of unique content that attracts your target audience and are worth linking through blogs and websites. 

These assets or content should be in any form like an informative guide, review blogs, videos, events, and more. But do you know the purpose of a linkable asset?

The linkable assets play an effective role in boosting the visibility and traffic of your website. It is an effective link-building tactic that can generate high-quality backlinks

Linkable assets are used for increasing the brand or business’s online presence among the target audience by enhancing search engine visibility.

Let’s dive more into the characteristics of linkable assets.

7 Things You Need to Know about Linkable Assets

An ideal linkable asset should motivate the target audience to share or link it to their website or blog. In order to do that, your piece of content should be relevant and valuable to the audience. 

Your content should address the queries and problems of the people and should drive them to call to action.

Non-promotional content

One major thing you should keep in mind while creating a linkable asset is it should focus on your audience. 

Your content should represent the target audience rather than your brand. Search engines are not interested in promotional or advertising content.

So, it is necessary to avoid brand mentions or promotional content in your linkable assets.

Top of the Funnel

There is a higher chance to acquire high-quality backlinks through in-depth content that focuses broader audience.

So, you should try to reach your authoritative content to a broad audience to gain more backlinks.

High-Quality Content

Due to some research, it has been proved that long-form content increases the chance of earning backlinks. 

It is necessary that your content should be resourceful and should educate your audience. You have to create curiosity in their minds through your linkable assets.

To develop high-quality backlinks, you should generate content with in-depth knowledge and accurate information.

As mentioned above, your content should be capable of representing the target audience.

Role of Visuals

Is there any role for visuals and social media infographics? Yes, it makes your linkable assets more eye-pleasing with interactive content.

Implementing infographics, high-quality images, or videos in the content makes the content likeable and shareable.

These visuals can convert a complex resource into easily understandable for all kinds of audiences. It will result in gaining links from various platforms.

Whitepapers and Research Studies

As you know, whitepapers and case studies are the prime sources of knowledge and findings. Sharing these forms of content will convert your website into a source of authoritative information.

Building Relationships

If you have built a friendly relationship with influencers, bloggers, or industry experts relevant to your product or brand, it increases the chance of sharing your content. 

You can also try outreaching your linkable assets or piece of content through personalized emails or collaborations. It will boost your brand’s visibility and help in gaining more high-quality backlinks to your site.

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How will linkable assets help your Business?

Long-term value

Linkable assets have the power to generate sustainable value for your website. It would easily attract the target audience and result in more backlinks on a long-term basis. 

Linkable assets with high-quality content are beneficial for developing authority and improving the growth of your website.

Boost Social media engagement

Resourceful and engaging content motivates the audience to share it on various social media platforms.

In this way, you can easily reach a wide audience and boost your brand visibility and awareness.

If your linkable assets consist of informative insights relevant to the audience, they can easily grab the attention of reputable websites and could result in gaining backlinks. 

Through effective social media engagement, you can easily convert your target audience to your customers.

Boost search engine rankings

Search engines such as Google not only consider the number of backlinks for a website, but the quality of the backlinks matters. 

If your website has high-quality inbound backlinks, search engines will consider your website as an authoritative and relevant resource.

So, with the help of linkable assets with effective content, you could increase the backlinks to your website and make your website more authoritative and improve its rankings.

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Organic traffic

If your linkable assets are resourceful and provide valuable information, it will result in increased visibility.

Along with these, it will also lead to referral traffic from the website that shares your assets. 

People who come across our linkable assets on the hosted website will take action to learn more about your business. It can drive more traffic, leads, and impressions to your website.

Create an Ideal Linkable Asset and Reach your Audience

In today’s world of competition, people are running behind new SEO strategies to stand out from the competitors.

Linkable assets are irreplaceable and exemplary SEO strategies that would help you to gain more visibility and leads.

Using informative linkable assets, you can easily enhance your online brand presence. But you have to focus on the points mentioned to create a better linkable asset.

Are you in search of a perfect companion for gaining high-quality inbound links? If yes, then why wait? Visit, the best SEO professionals or experts and learn more about us. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.

Reciprocal links

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

There is always a right and wrong practice in link building to boost SEO on your website. Link building is an essential step taken to enhance search engine rankings.

Using high-quality backlinks will help your websites to be authoritative and improves their relevancy of the websites. But, what about the Reciprocal link? Is it beneficial for your SEO strategy? 

You might have heard about reciprocal links. If you are a beginner, you might be a bit confused about its roles and benefits.

We are here to help you with proper guidance on how reciprocal links can benefit and affect your SEO. 

Reciprocal links are the collaboration and exchange of links between two or more sites. In simple words, it occurs when sites with similar resources are connected and linked with each other.

To gain a backlink on the website or guest posts, the reciprocal links connect the resource of one site to another one. 

Some site owners prefer this method to boost the visibility of both sites. At the same time, this will benefit the audience by allowing them to visit and view the sites. But do you know the main goal of using reciprocal links? 

Reciprocal links aim at increasing the SEO factors of the respective sites and making them more authoritative.

It helps the target audience to get a better understanding of your business, products, or services by opening the gate to more related content.

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This method is commonly used by bloggers, influencers, and even companies to gain more visibility and trust. 

Let’s have a look at an example for you to get a clear idea of reciprocal links. 

Consider Website A and Website B are in the same niche, providing event management services. Now they decided to connect the website through reciprocal links to provide excess resources to the visitors. 

Website A links to the home page of Website B on one of their blog post related to event management trends. In exchange, Website B links to one of the posts of Website A providing resources about traditional and modern cuisine. 

By using this method, both Website A and Website B are getting positive results in the form of increased traffic and visibility from each other’s audience. 

Pro's and Con's of reciprocal links infographics

Now that you know about reciprocal links, you might be confused about whether it is a good or bad practice.

Yes, reciprocal links would result in positive outcomes, if you used them wisely. It depends on the page or website you choose to exchange links.

If you intend to grow your website’s authority and boost its Google positioning, you should avoid taking risks that would end in penalties. 

Along with following SEO and link-building strategies, you should also keep in mind giving resourceful and relevant content to the audience. 

Here are some benefits of reciprocal links for your business in detail. 

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Increase the Website Traffic

The backlinks have a significant role in increasing website traffic by gaining more visibility from the audience.

Through high-quality backlinks, you could gain attention from your target audience and make them aware of the products or services offered by your website. 

The website owners could expect the same output if reciprocal links are used carefully.

Reciprocal links contribute to raising the traffic when visitors visit and click on your site that appeared on your partner’s site. 

Result in Great Customer Experience

Reciprocal links are beneficial in providing a better customer experience by providing additional resources to the visitors.

Connecting two websites will help the audience to gain a proper understanding of the services or products provided by both websites. 

This reciprocal linking will be adequate in making your content and resources more engaging. 

Enhance the Website Authority

Providing the essential resources by understanding the customer’s interests and queries will make your website relevant. 

If your website address and give solutions to the customer’s problems through reciprocal linking, you could increase the authority of a website.

How Does it Affect SEO Strategy? 

Despite these benefits, there is a chance that reciprocal links may affect your website negatively if you don’t use them properly.

Let’s dive more into the harmful effects of using reciprocal links. 

Prone to Site Penalization

Yes, sometimes reciprocal links go against Google webmaster guidelines. As per Google guidelines, using excessive link exchange will be considered spam and would lead to negative impacts on your sites. 

If the websites result in manipulating or confusing the search results through the link exchange, then your website is at high risk and would result in penalties.

So, it’s better to use reciprocal links naturally to avoid higher risks. 

Increasing SEO for competitors

The one thing to keep in mind before using reciprocal links is you should avoid exchanging links between directly competing sites.

This would result in negative outcomes such as boosting the SEO or visibility of the competitor’s site. 

So, you have to focus on sites that have similar content to yours than websites that have the same target keywords or phrases as your website. 

Affect Site Authority

Of course, it will affect your site authority, if you are exchanging links with a site that are not relevant or related to your content. It would affect your page severely and lose your SERP rankings. 

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Final Words

As mentioned above, reciprocal links would be effective to be included in your link-building strategy if you are using them appropriately.

You should not depend upon reciprocal links totally because excessive link exchange would result in Google penalties. 

That is why it is recommended to go with a 3-way link exchange which means, let’s consider there are three websites named A, B, C. If A is getting a link from B so in order to give an exchange for B, A will acquire a link from C and give that to B, rather then giving link from its own site which is A.

During link building, connecting to websites that are authoritative and relevant to your resources would help you in building trust among the audience toward your brand or business. 

So, if you aim to provide high-quality content and build trust and relationships among customers, you should avoid taking risks and follow good link-building practices.

You could look for natural reciprocal links to increase the value of the websites. 

Are you in search of the best link-building services to boost your website traffic, will help you. We consider your needs and requirements and help you in gaining high-quality backlinks. Want to know more? Visit our website and reach out to us for your queries. 

Backlink Pyramid

What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?- Best Guide in 2023

If you are a marketing expert or a website owner, you should know the importance of backlinks on your website. Backlinks are the backbone of the website, capable of strengthening the Google positioning of your websites.

Having high-quality backlinks will increase the SERP page rankings. It makes your website appear at the top of the search results for the specific target keywords.

What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?

At the same time, any alterations in your backlink profile, such as adding harmful links to your website without your consent will be detrimental.

So, one of the major concerns of the marketing experts or SEO experts is to come up with high-quality backlinks to the website. In such cases, Backlink Pyramid plays a role. 

Have you heard about Backlink Pyramid? Is it different from other link-building techniques? If you are a beginner, who is searching for perfect link-building tactics, then don’t worry.

You have reached the right place. Reading this blog, you will get more insights about backlink pyramids and their contribution to your websites.

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Being one of the easiest methods, the Backlink pyramid is a link-building strategy that increases the website value through high-quality links. In simple words, it is a technique to generate a multi-level link chain. 

Backlink pyramid focus on prioritizing the links and dividing them into groups based on their quality. The link pyramid system has three different levels of resource categories that can promote your webpage directly.

With the help of these different levels, the backlink pyramid improves the index rate of the backlinks by transferring the link juice from lower levels to higher levels. 

But is a backlink pyramid worth it in this era? Yes, even though it has some limitations, this system plays a key role in improving the visibility and engagement of the website. 

Let’s dig more into the importance of the backlink pyramid. 

Incorporating a well-structured link-building pattern through the pyramid system can improve the SERP rankings and have a good impact on your website domain authority.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the backlink pyramid to be considered before starting it. 


  • One of the major pros of the backlink pyramid is that it increases the strength of weaker backlinks with low quality compared to other high authority or leading websites.
  • With an appropriate link structure, it avoids overloading your websites with unnecessary backlinks that might affect your site negatively. So using a backlink pyramid, you can grow your website positions naturally. You can experience boosting traffic using affordable links. 
  • Along with these benefits, this strategy will not only avoid the risks but help you in landing safely than traditional strategies. For example, if you have a low-quality link that infringes Google standards, then no worries. It will not have an impact on your target page directly. But it will affect the first or second-level links that might result in losing one link from your sites. 
  • Since it is one of the easy methods to execute, you could implement it within 2-3 months without acquiring advanced skills rather than basic link-building skills. 


  • A backlink pyramid will only be effective if it’s well-constructed. If your backlink pyramid is poorly structured, it will affect your website badly. So, it’s significant to approach a link-building or an SEO expert, who has proper knowledge of what should be done. 
  • Even though it is an effective process, it might be a bit labour-oriented and time-consuming when compared to traditional link building. 
  • If the backlink pyramid is not done in the right way and includes spamming, it might lead to Google penalties. 

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A backlink pyramid has three tiers or levels of links that are designed to provide more power to the main page you want to rank on Google. The major factors to be focused on while beginning this link-building strategy are the webpage, that you want to do SEO, and anchor text along with internal links. 

Short guide on Backlink pyramid

Tier 1

This is a crucial level where the quality of the links matters. You have to build high-quality links that will be redirected toward your main webpage. Here, there might only few links that are of high quality for Google and relevant to the page.

The first-tier links should be placed on sites with high domain authority and relevant to your web pages. Since these valuable links are not very easy to obtain, it would take time to build these links. Some examples of Tier 1 links are Digital PR links, Web 2.0 Guest Posts, etc. 

Tier 2

At this level, the websites of the 2-tier have to obtain backlinks from the websites of tier 1. Second-tier links will be of lesser quality and more quantity than the first-level and will be redirected to the first-tier websites. Here you can consider backlinks from pages having average domain authority. 

The major goal of this level is to maximize the performance of the first-tier links. Even though these links are easy to generate, it might be time-consuming because you should create more links at this level. Examples of Tier 2 are Hubpages, Blogspot, and other blog sites, etc. 

Tier 3

In tier 3, there will be low-quality backlinks that will be directed toward tier 2 links. The purpose of tier 3 links is to speed up the index rate of tier 2 links. At this level, you should build more backlinks than at the previous level. This includes comments on the blogs, social bookmarking, etc. 

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  • Even though it is an effective strategy, you should not depend on only the link pyramid for website growth. The link pyramid will work well only if it is executed properly. 
  • No matter for which level you are building links, you should avoid buying spam links. 
  • Do you know where to place the links? If not, then don’t waste your time building link pyramids. 
  • You should not generate low-quality links in the first tier. 
  • Avoid black hat SEO practices including link farms, link generators, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why backlink pyramid is important in SEO?

The Backlink pyramid is an important factor to boost the SEO of your content because it generates a multi-level link chain. This will help you to build a high-quality link-building pattern through which you could easily increase the SERP rankings.

Is a backlink pyramid better than traditional methods of link building?

Yes, a backlink pyramid could be more efficient than traditional methods to acquire high-quality backlinks and it also helps to avoid irrelevant links that will affect your website negatively. This will also allow you to improve your website’s traffic and visibility.

What are the factors that should be avoided during the link pyramid?

Some of the factors that should be avoided during a backlink pyramid are spam links, low-quality backlinks, and black hat SEO practices. Before working on a link pyramid, you should be aware of where to place it.

Want to experiment and try new things over traditional link-building strategies? Backlink Pyramid could be a solution for you. Using this strategy without blackhat link-building tactics will strengthen your backlink profile. But to try it you need to have efficient link-building experts or SEO experts who can build a link pyramid in a structured manner. 

If you are looking for the right door to unlock your possibilities to rank on Google, you are free to visit and contact the linksprout Team. 

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries on the backlink pyramid and given a clear picture of it. Share your views on the backlink pyramid through the comments below. 

Tips to (1)

5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

It’s obvious to consider Google is the main reason for the marketing of the business online. You might have noticed many digital experts talking about the importance of search engine optimization in order to provide valid information to the audience. 

Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

Discussing the SERP website ranking, if there is a high search result shown it will lead to a greater chance for people to click on it. So basically there is greater competition among the websites for Google’s positioning. 

As the technology in marketing has advanced, marketing experts have come up with many short-term or long-term SEO, easy link-building techniques, or black hat link building strategies to increase Google’s positioning.

But Google provides Webmaster Guidelines for SEO strategy that has to be followed by SEO experts to Web developers.

Nowadays people try to increase their website ranking through SEO strategy shortcuts without following Google’s guidelines. So running down to this blog you will get to know about the negative effects of black hat link building methods. 

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What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO is a method of optimizing content to make it visible or rank on search engines. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are the two types of SEO practices. 

The unethical practices that are used to increase your website ranking in search engines like Google are called Black Hat SEO techniques.

One of the main methods included here is the black hat link building. This method is against the traditional link-building process where the SEO shortcuts are taken without being noticed by clients. 

Even though there is a chance for your website to rank through these practices, black hat link building or SEO tactics may lead to penalty issues.

This can seriously affect the website’s visibility and ranking from downgrading to the search engines delisting it. So here are the 5 black hat link building techniques with negative impacts. 

5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods
Buying Links

High-quality links play a great role in increasing the visibility and traffic of your domain. These links will also help google to identify your website or domain as a trustworthy source.

But what about buying and selling links? Yes, they can unnaturally improve the SEO metrics of the websites but are against Google’s rules. 

Google can track and identify these purchased links that might lead to negative issues like penalties. Getting a manual or automatic penalty from Google will harm your sites. So it’s better to avoid black hats SEO techniques like purchasing links, 2-way link exchange, or link farming. 

Keyword Stuffing

The process of adding keywords more than efficiently to your website is called keyword stuffing. As per SEO experts, it is recommended that your website should have 2 percentage of keywords.

Jamming keywords into the new and existing content and making it Over-optimized will make your website look like spam and lead to demoting your page rank. You have to avoid this by adding relevant keywords optimally for an effective ranking. 

But do you know how to stop these issues? You can conduct in-depth research on the keywords and the topic you have chosen.

The major point to consider is to avoid the unwanted repetition of some keywords and phrases that might have a negative impact on your content example writing content based on negative topics such as cannibalism, Casion topic, adult topics, etc can affect your website’s reputation.

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black hat link building
Private Blog Networks

PBNs are Private blog networks are networks with websites that are linked with each other for increasing visibility. This includes highly authoritative websites that play a great role in link-building. But since they can manipulate Google algorithms, PBNs are considered a black hat link building tactic and illegal SEO.  

Google’s algorithm is capable of identifying the PBN that might drive you to penalties. Since this link-building method has a chance of risk that might lead to the drop of ranking the website, PBNs are not advisable.

PBNs are super low-quality sites as it performs unethical techniques and accepts Low-Quality Guest Posts for 10 or 15$ from third-party websites, In order to penalize these sites, Google always keeps an eye on them.

SEO Tip for black hat link building methods
Impact of PBNs

Content Cloaking

In simple words, content cloaking means violation of Google’s rules by offering irrelevant or unrelated content to the users which leads to poor user experience.

This tactic is used to propel your SERP rankings by confusing the crawlers. It misleads the search engine by giving the thought that a website carries content that differs from what people see from it. 

Content cloaking will have a severe effect like removing your website from the search engine index. To prevent or stop such issues, it’s important to examine the elements of your websites. You can also diagnose whether your site has some hidden text in the Javascript. 

Black Hat Link Building
Footer Links

The sitewide links that appear at the bottom of your site are called footer links. Generally, footers are considered a route for website visitors. Since this footer is a part of every website, most people try to add footer links. 

If you are adding these links along with a commercial anchor text then Google can easily detect it as link stuffing. This might lead to severe impacts on your rankings. 

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Difference between Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO 

Even though both are SEO strategies, black hat is unethical whereas White hat is an ethical practice. White hat link building is adding relevant links, content, and titles.

Improving site navigation and Optimizing your web pages with keywords are other white hat strategies following Google’s rules. But Black hat tactics will include duplicated content, keyword stuffing, non-relevant content, etc. as mentioned above. 

Now have you heard about Gray hat SEO? It is a practice in which both the SEO strategies such as white hat SEO and black hat SEO are used in combination. Even though there are risks in grey hat SEO, they stand in the middle of benign ethical, and unethical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Cloaking?

Content Cloaking is a process of providing irrelevant content to users. This would result in a violation of Google guidelines and be considered as black hat SEO practices.

Is PBNs effective for increasing the visibility of the website?

PBNs are Private blog networks through which the websites are interlinked to each other to boost visibility. Even though it includes highly authoritative websites PBNs could easily manipulate Google’s algorithms. So, it is considered a black hat SEO practice and should be avoided during link building practices.

Despite getting recognized through black hat link building, there is a higher chance of uncertainty. The impacts that can be caused due to these techniques might affect your business badly.

At the same time following ethical practices like white hat link-building might be a slow process but the results will be sustainable. 

So, it’s better to be aware of these SEO practices to maintain healthy traffic and growth of websites. Nowadays many businesses and websites look for online link building services to increase business growth. So, better to go for the agency for link building that practices white hat SEO techniques. 

searching for link building tools

5 Stunning Link Building Tools [2023 Reviews]

Link building tools

5 Stunning Link Building Tools

The increasing competition in the digital marketing world made businesses or startups struggle to get more visibility on Google.

The experts are busy building creative strategies to attract the target audience. The most common and effective SEO strategy to enhance SERP rankings is link building.

You might have a basic understanding of link building. But, are you aware of the best link-building tools that would turn link-building into more productive? If not, this blog is for you. 

Before jumping onto the best link-building tools, let’s revert and summarize the need for link-building. 

In simple words, link building is the process of linking other websites back to your websites. This could be carried out through guest blogging, social media posts, or more. But you might be curious to know the importance of link building in SEO

High-quality backlinks have a great potential to increase the relevancy of your website. Having qualified links from an authoritative website indicates that your site has resourceful content that would be helpful for the target audience. 

If your website has a higher number of links without compromising its quality, it will gain more visibility and recognition among the audience and win over the competition.

But to work on link-building strategies, there is a need for efficient tools that would be capable of giving great results. Here are the 5 best link-building tools for your website to rank well on the SERP pages. 

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Ahrefs tool


Paid Plan: $99/month

You might be wondering, why Ahref is placed in the first position as a link-building tool. Ahref is one of the most used and effective tools best to search for websites for link requests and even for guest blogging. 

Now, what makes Ahrefs the best out of the five on the list? Content Explorer, a feature of Ahrefs that is not only best for content research, but also link building. Based on reports, it is proved that after Google, Ahref has the most active crawler. Let’s dive more onto the features of Ahref. 

  • Unlike other SEO tools, Ahrefs will show you the top-performing pages of competitors ranking globally. 
  • With the help of Ahref, you could easily view the report of organic keywords and monitor the changes occurring in the keyword ranking affecting the traffic. 
  • With efficient web crawling technology, this link-building tool will help you by showing your backlink growth and updates. 
  • In addition to these features, Ahref will also help you to analyze the potential of a keyword to gain traffic. 


Semrush tool


Paid Plan: $119.95-$449.95/ month

After Ahref, I would suggest Semrush as a best link building tools, which would be helpful for all SEO professionals in fulfilling all their needs. The main goal of Semrush is to help businesses to get more visibility and insights online. 

Semrush features an impressive and powerful backlink analysis tool that would help marketers to create an effective backlink profile. Along with tracking the backlinks, 

Semrush assists you with opportunities for link outreach. You could smoothly improve your SEO by referring to the competitor’s backlink profiles. 

This link-building tool is also magnificent in building and running campaigns to earn high-quality backlinks.

Some features of Semrush

  • Semrush helps in creating the best helpful content marketing strategies with the help of a content marketing and creation tool that allows you to bring great content ideas to light. You will also get effective content templates for SEO-friendly content. 
  • You will also get a chance to win the competition with the help of the market analysis feature through which you will learn current trends in the market and know your position in it. 
  • Rank tracking is another highlighting feature that helps SEO professionals to track the performance of the target keywords. 


HARO tool


Paid Plan: $19/month

HARO is all about ‘Help a Reporter Out’ powered by Cision. It is one of the best link building tools that aims at providing a valuable resource of content through the collaboration of journalists and PR sources.

In this tool, journalists and bloggers submit their queries three times a day. If you have resourceful content, you are free to respond to them through a pitch. 

But you might be wondering how will this tool be helpful for SEO or link-building processes. Let’s check it out. 

HARO is one of the safest gateways to generate natural backlinks. At first, you have to start with spending your time on the HARO requests that appear daily after registering yourself on their website.

Choose the one that you could answer and that relates to your niche or subject. 

If your response gets published, you will acquire a high-quality backlink from a high-domain website. In this way, you can boost your brand’s reputation and earn more backlinks to your websites. 

Tip: Reporters prefer the content based on who sends it first and then wait till the timeline, So it is better to submit a pitch as soon as you receive their request.

HARO has said that it will send out queries 3 times a day 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., and 5:35 p.m. (EST). (Free)

Hunter tool

Hunter is a platform where you can easily gain an email address in a short period. Extracting data and information from various credible resources, Hunter is best at providing contact information to marketing experts. 

But is it effective for link building? Yes, here are some of the beneficial features that would help in managing link building. 

  • Hunter features a tool called Email Finder that will allow experts to contact the person or website to request links. If you have chosen some websites for gaining backlinks, you can use the option of domain search to gain the information and email address related to the domain. 
  • With the help of Email Verifier, you can easily verify the list of email addresses to avoid unnecessary issues. 
  • Campaigns are another feature provided by Hunter to run outreach campaigns so that you can easily handle link building process. One of the major highlights of this feature is that it supports many email addresses, custom or personalized sending windows, and even follow-up emails. 
MOZ tool


Paid Plan: $99-$599/month

Moz Link Explorer is one of the best link building tools well-known for its ability in link analysis. It helps digital marketers monitor and improve the offline and online SEO aspects and optimize the websites and pages. 

Moz features Link Explorer allows users to work on link research and provides great link-building results. This could be easily done by entering the specific URL into the search bar of link explorer. 

You will get the necessary information such as website domain authority, ranking keywords, backlinks and linking domains, and even the latest links gained or lost by the website. These insights will help you to build more effective link-building strategies. 

In addition to these, Moz allows marketers to do keyword research through Keyword Explorer. 

Providing features such as competitor research, you can also do competitor analysis. Through Moz, you can track and monitor other SEO metrics such as ranking keywords or high-ranking pages, etc. 

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You might have thought that link-building tools are not mandatory but it is most effective for your sites to win the competitors and get more recognition. It not only makes your process hassle-free but also provides effectual results. 

If you are an SEO expert, you might know that it’s not easy to gain high-quality backlinks. So these tools would help you in acquiring great backlinks. There are more effectual link building tools available such as Buzzsumo, Pitchbox, etc. But I have selected the best 5 based on its features and characteristics. 

Our Recommendation: If you are a startup website owner and looking for a cheap and best way to build links, then we suggest that you can go with as it is one of the best link building tools for every beginner. 

Are you running a business? Are you struggling hard to gain visibility and stand out from the competition? You are free to reach out to for link-building and SEO services. Visit our website and blogs to learn more about us. 

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO?- Best Guide for 2023

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO

It’s evident that without SEO tactics, your websites cant improve in visibility or Google positioning. Not only in ranking your sites, but SEO has a great role in domain authority, brand awareness, and reaching your business to the audience. 

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO?

But what are the factors that come with SEO tactics? The first thing that might come to your mind will be keywords. Even if you are a beginner, you might be aware of the role of keywords, titles, tags, and other on-page optimizations.

But do you know what can improve the authority of your websites? Yes, it’s Link insertion and Link building. But many beginners have a question. Is link insertion worth it in SEO? If you are one among them, here is the answer for you. 

Reading this blog you will get to know why it is important to go for link insertion and link-building tactics and some of its strategies. 

Being one of the main strategies of SEO, Link building has a great role in increasing the SEO and Google rankings.

It is all about establishing relevant links to your websites from other websites that can be easily done through social media, guest blogging, or even directories. 

Do you know why link building is a crucial tactic in SEO? Because Links are the main factor that determines the relevancy of your page.

This will also help search engine crawlers to find your websites. You can use both external and internal links to increase the visibility of your websites. 

Popular and well-known sites like Wikipedia receive more external links that drive them to the top of the SERP page. While comparing, external links are a bit harder to receive than internal links because it comes from other sites.

To gain external links, you have to approach other top influencers and bloggers for guest blogging on their sites. Whereas Internal linking is an easy process of linking one page to another page of your website. 

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Link insertion is a white hat link-building process that includes locating links to the existing and relevant content of a website through direct link insertion outreach. Now, what is SEO outreach? It is a link-building strategy that depends upon the research and valuable content to get the right links. 

  • Along with increasing traffic and improving partnerships, inserting links from relevant websites will bring more trust to the readers. 
  • Inserting links from authoritative websites such as Google’s official page or Wikipedia can give more value to your websites. 
  • Adding links to already existing content on another website will not only make it relevant but also bring tremendous traffic as their page is already ranking in Google.  
  • Being a white hat SEO practice, it is legal to exchange relevant links and go for collaborations. This will avoid you to practice black hat SEO practices.
  • Link Insertions should only be done as a 3-way link exchange as 2-way link insertion is not recommended by Google. 
  • Having an efficient link-building agency will help you search for content that is relevant to your links. You can also change your strategies based on the trends through them. 

Now that you are aware of link building and link insertion, let’s learn some of the link insertion methods. 

Link insertion

If you want your brand to rank well, backlink exchange will be an effective solution. But it’s not as easy to find ideal partners to exchange links.

Along with searching for relevant sites that suit your content, you should also find a site that allows you to backlink your content. You have to approach a site that is similar or higher to your domain authority. 

Through this collaboration, you can easily improve the domain authority of your site. If you are choosing a place that has lesser domain authority and traffic will affect your sites negatively. 

Want authoritative backlinks? For that, the first step is to be an authority by giving good content to the readers. There are chances to get backlinks if someone recognizes your content as useful and factual.

But this would only be beneficial to you are linked to a relevant website that comes under similar niches. If you are linked to a website with a negative reputation, it would affect your domain badly. 

Guest Posting

Link insertion

Finally, here comes Guest posting. It is one of the common link-building strategies to gain more backlinks. It is a process of collaborating and writing content for another website so that you can link your site to it.

Since this process is beneficial for both parties, you can easily go for this process to get a free backlink by providing the best guest post services.

Being one of the best methods to rank your sites, bloggers use this method of free guest posts for various sites within the same niches. 

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In order to follow and work on these methods to gain links, you consider some tricks. 

Researching Top Domains

Link insertion

Your goal is to gain a link from high-ranking and authoritative websites. But you might find it a bit tricky if you are a beginner in brand building and have a low domain authority.

To resolve this problem, the only thing you can do is to create consistency in content generation. 

It is necessary to consider other aspects of SEO such as keywords, and on-page optimizations along with link insertion to grow and improve the traffic of your website.

Using SEO practices and adding engaging content with a good user experience to your sites can improve your domain authority. 

Using Necessary Tools

Using web tools and link-building services will have a great impact on gaining more relevant links. Some of the major tools used for link-building strategies are HARO, Pitchbox, Ahrefs, etc.

If you want your site to grow traffic, and authority and improve the SERP website ranking, then online link-building services could be a better way for you. 

Link building tools

For example, let us consider HARO Link Building Services. It is one of the online services that are used by media members to gather information, feedback, etc for new content or articles.

Now is it beneficial for business? Even though its actual purpose was to help reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc, it also plays a great role in businesses that are looking for a way to link building.

Since they get a chance to explore highly authoritative publications, HARO will be a good pick for your website growth. 


This will be a continuous process to set your business on the right track, Along with focusing on the link building, you should also monitor the inserted links, make changes if necessary, or do updates accordingly. With proper backlink management, you can improve your website traffic. 

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As said before, link building or link insertion is one of the important SEO tactics to be followed like keywords, title tags, content optimization, etc.

The major purpose behind this process is to improve the authority and relevancy of your website and business. Following the above-mentioned easy link-building techniques will help you to grow your site to the next level. 

I hope this blog gave you answers to all your queries based on link building process. Now if you got a better understanding of link building or link insertion, why wait? Practice or look for effective link insertion services to grow your business.