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Linkable Assets: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2023

In the ever-changing business world, people are searching for better digital marketing strategies for winning the competition.

Search engine optimization is one such method that has proven its power through the success of many businesses. But are you looking for something more? If yes, then linkable assets will help you.

Have you ever heard about a linkable asset? If you are a beginner who is not clear about linkable assets, then this is a perfect space to learn about them.

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What do you mean by a Linkable Asset?

You might have guessed what is linkable assets. Let’s begin with an example. While you scroll on social media, what can suddenly to a particular content? Some unique or relatable content, right?

Similarly, your target audience and search engines are interested in valuable content that is more relevant. It might be similar to the memes you share on social media when you find it relatable.

In simple words, linkable assets are a piece of unique content that attracts your target audience and are worth linking through blogs and websites. 

These assets or content should be in any form like an informative guide, review blogs, videos, events, and more. But do you know the purpose of a linkable asset?

The linkable assets play an effective role in boosting the visibility and traffic of your website. It is an effective link-building tactic that can generate high-quality backlinks

Linkable assets are used for increasing the brand or business’s online presence among the target audience by enhancing search engine visibility.

Let’s dive more into the characteristics of linkable assets.

7 Things You Need to Know about Linkable Assets

An ideal linkable asset should motivate the target audience to share or link it to their website or blog. In order to do that, your piece of content should be relevant and valuable to the audience. 

Your content should address the queries and problems of the people and should drive them to call to action.

Non-promotional content

One major thing you should keep in mind while creating a linkable asset is it should focus on your audience. 

Your content should represent the target audience rather than your brand. Search engines are not interested in promotional or advertising content.

So, it is necessary to avoid brand mentions or promotional content in your linkable assets.

Top of the Funnel

There is a higher chance to acquire high-quality backlinks through in-depth content that focuses broader audience.

So, you should try to reach your authoritative content to a broad audience to gain more backlinks.

High-Quality Content

Due to some research, it has been proved that long-form content increases the chance of earning backlinks. 

It is necessary that your content should be resourceful and should educate your audience. You have to create curiosity in their minds through your linkable assets.

To develop high-quality backlinks, you should generate content with in-depth knowledge and accurate information.

As mentioned above, your content should be capable of representing the target audience.

Role of Visuals

Is there any role for visuals and social media infographics? Yes, it makes your linkable assets more eye-pleasing with interactive content.

Implementing infographics, high-quality images, or videos in the content makes the content likeable and shareable.

These visuals can convert a complex resource into easily understandable for all kinds of audiences. It will result in gaining links from various platforms.

Whitepapers and Research Studies

As you know, whitepapers and case studies are the prime sources of knowledge and findings. Sharing these forms of content will convert your website into a source of authoritative information.

Building Relationships

If you have built a friendly relationship with influencers, bloggers, or industry experts relevant to your product or brand, it increases the chance of sharing your content. 

You can also try outreaching your linkable assets or piece of content through personalized emails or collaborations. It will boost your brand’s visibility and help in gaining more high-quality backlinks to your site.

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How will linkable assets help your Business?

Long-term value

Linkable assets have the power to generate sustainable value for your website. It would easily attract the target audience and result in more backlinks on a long-term basis. 

Linkable assets with high-quality content are beneficial for developing authority and improving the growth of your website.

Boost Social media engagement

Resourceful and engaging content motivates the audience to share it on various social media platforms.

In this way, you can easily reach a wide audience and boost your brand visibility and awareness.

If your linkable assets consist of informative insights relevant to the audience, they can easily grab the attention of reputable websites and could result in gaining backlinks. 

Through effective social media engagement, you can easily convert your target audience to your customers.

Boost search engine rankings

Search engines such as Google not only consider the number of backlinks for a website, but the quality of the backlinks matters. 

If your website has high-quality inbound backlinks, search engines will consider your website as an authoritative and relevant resource.

So, with the help of linkable assets with effective content, you could increase the backlinks to your website and make your website more authoritative and improve its rankings.

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Organic traffic

If your linkable assets are resourceful and provide valuable information, it will result in increased visibility.

Along with these, it will also lead to referral traffic from the website that shares your assets. 

People who come across our linkable assets on the hosted website will take action to learn more about your business. It can drive more traffic, leads, and impressions to your website.

Create an Ideal Linkable Asset and Reach your Audience

In today’s world of competition, people are running behind new SEO strategies to stand out from the competitors.

Linkable assets are irreplaceable and exemplary SEO strategies that would help you to gain more visibility and leads.

Using informative linkable assets, you can easily enhance your online brand presence. But you have to focus on the points mentioned to create a better linkable asset.

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