Customer Acquisition Funnel

6 Stages of Customer Acquisition Funnel: Beginner’s Guide in 2023

Customer Acquisition Funnel

During the journey of growing your business, you might be struggling hard to target a new audience. Whereas, if you have launched a new startup, getting your first customer will be a breakthrough for you.

You have to focus on grabbing attention from the audience, especially in the initial stages. Along with these, you also have to fulfil the end goals and look for growth tactics

Ultimate Guide On Customer Acquisition Funnel For Beginners

In such cases, customer acquisition comes into action. It has become one of the common aspects that every business tries to focus expecting great outcomes.

Strong Customer acquisition helps to generate new customers for your business or convince the customers to revert after their first purchase through various strategies. 

Are you a novice to business and struggling to bring new clients? If yes, then no worries. You have reached the right place. This blog will walk you through the customer acquisition funnel. 

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About Customer Acquisition

As mentioned above, customer acquisition is an effective process of finding and increasing the potential customers to approach your products and services.

The ideal customer acquisition process will result in effective lead generation and increase the conversion of an audience to customers. 

Do customer acquisition and customer retention have similarities? No, Customer acquisition is all about strategies to bring new customers. However, customer retention is the process carried out after persuading a customer. 

Is customer acquisition important in the modern era of business? Yes, customer acquisition plays a crucial role in increasing brand awareness and persuading sales. 

Every company tries to follow a well-structured customer acquisition funnel to build effective strategies to acquire new customers and increase the revenue of the company.

You can consider email marketing or high-quality customer services as examples of customer acquisition. 

In addition to these, blogs, paid ads, websites, etc are some of the customer acquisition platforms that would help you to connect with potential customers.

You will get a clear idea about the customer’s journey in each stage through an effective funnel. 

“I look at customer acquisition holistically. It’s not a marketing metric: it s a way the company breaths”, said Jeff Samuels– Cisco. 

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Customer Acquisition Funnel Stages


How to boost sales if people are not aware of your brand or company? Your business needs to be familiar with the target audience for the growth of your business. So, awareness is considered the top of the funnel and the first step in the customer acquisition funnel. 

It is the crucial step through which the company educates and makes the target audience aware of the products and services.

Reaching out to a large audience would help the company generate high-quality leads and help the customers make better decisions. 

As a marketing expert or a business owner, you can try various marketing strategies such as content marketing, referral marketing, and even social marketing.

These acquisition strategies will enhance brand awareness and give a better understanding of your brand to the audience. 


What are your thoughts on developing customer interest in the brand? Along with providing brand awareness, you should also grab attention and thrive interest in people’s minds. 

product interest through ads

It will eventually push the audience to make the first purchase. Every business and startup should focus on addressing the problems of the target audience, and provide solutions to them. 

In the customer acquisition funnel, generating interest is a crucial stage through a wide range of customer acquisition channels such as direct mail, social media marketing, etc. Along with these, content strategies such as how-to guides and case studies. 


When the audience recognizes your brand as a solution, they will start considering your brand and products. The audience may have various options, one of which is your brand.

This stage of the customer acquisition funnel is the first active stage where the customers start considering your products and services. 

Brand Consideration

If the customers develop an interest in and consider your brand, they start visiting your blogs, reading blogs, service pages, and more. 

You can even create comparison posts with your competitors, conveying how your brand is different from other brands. If your business can stand out from the competition, then it will easily grab the attention front the audience. 


Do you know what is buyer intent? The signs shown by the customers to buy the products are called buyer intent. If your customers frequently visit your web pages, you can indicate it as buyer intent and a higher chance of buying your products. 

Adding products to the wishlists or carts could also be considered a sign that the customers are close to purchasing. Higher engagements through emails and campaigns are other examples of buyer intent.  


It’s not easy to convert customers from the audience. It takes multiple steps for a business to convince its customers, especially in B2B business. 

If the target audience finds the solution to their queries through your brand or business, they will be more likely to get converted into customers. This might take a bit more time for customers to choose and learn about your products and brands. 

It will help the customers to understand the pros and cons of the products and services, which will push them to make the final decision. Providing free trials and demos will assist in generating more leads and conversions. 


Finally, retention is the last stage of the customer acquisition funnel. Your business will be considered successful when the one-time customers come back and purchase again.

So, it is important to convert one-time customers into loyal and lifetime. As you know it is crucial to retain customers than acquire new ones.

You can build more trust and maintain a good relationship with existing customers by providing personalized customer support and after-sales services. This also includes discounts based on various events. 

Customer Support

A great customer experience will develop customer loyalty and result in returning customers. So, it is important to focus on retention in the customer acquisition funnel. 

The above-mentioned stages are divided based on the function parts of the customer acquisition funnel.

  • TOFU 
  • MOFU
  • BOFU

You might be wondering how to create a beneficial customer acquisition funnel. You should focus on the three functional parts of customer acquisition that play a significant role and different purposes. 

The steps to create an acquisition funnel is being divided based on TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. Let’s dive more into the steps. 

TOFU- Top of the Funnel

Here, your business should reach out to the target audience and focus on brand awareness. People have to know the importance of your brand and how it would solve their problems. 

So, you have to collect the basic information from the audience such as gender, age, and other factors which will help you create personas and to target them. 

MOFU- Middle of the Funnel

In this part of the customer acquisition funnel, you have to educate the audience and convince them to purchase your products and services. Here you are free to use various strategies and effective customer acquisition channels like newsletters, campaigns, surveys, etc. 

BOFU- Bottom of the Funnel

BoFU is the final stage in the customer acquisition funnel, where your audience makes the decisions and gets converted as your customers. 

Marketing experts or business owners could send push notifications, offering timely discounts based on events, etc. It will boost sales and initiate a final push to the customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a customer acquisition funnel?

With appropriate research, you should discover your target audience and their needs. Based on your target audience, identify and choose the right acquisition channels and strategies and create a plan to reach them. After determining your acquisition cost and budget, you have to launch the acquisition strategies.

What are the main components of the customer acquisition funnel?

The three main components of the customer acquisition funnel are TOFU for lead generation, MOFU for lead acquisition and BOFU for lead conversion.

What do you mean by acquisition plan?

An acquisition plan is a plan that consists of all the documents related to costs, schedules, business management, and even technical aspects that are necessary for an acquisition channel and strategies.

Know More About Customer Acquisition Funnel

Focusing on the customer acquisition funnel is crucial in this era for generating interest in new and existing customers.

Following a well-structured funnel and organized system will help in boosting more clients to your company. So, eventually, it will lead to business growth, giving desired results.

I hope this blog helped you understand more about customer acquisition. Share your views in the comments below. 

5 Crawler directives

Top 5 Crawler Directives You Need to Know in 2023

As the digital realm advances continuously, businesses from startups to large scale are competing to reach the goals. Companies are trying various digital marketing strategies to attract target audiences to stay ahead in the future.

No matter whether you are a novice in the digital world, you might be aware of the role played by SEO in reaching your business into the target audiences.

Meeting the SEO aspects and optimizing your website and content based on the SEO requirements will help your business to gain online visibility and traffic organically. 

In such cases, it has become significant to understand the parameters that search engines consider to rank your website.

It is essential to learn how search engines crawl or index your website or web pages. Have you ever heard about crawler directives or robot commands? 

Read this blog to unleash the power of crawler directives or robot commands. You will also learn about the 5 types of crawler directives. 

5 Crawler Directives You Need to Know

What are Crawler Directives?

Crawler directives are the specific guidelines for search engines during indexing and crawling a website’s content. These are called robot commands that are interpreted in a file called robots.txt that is located in the website’s root directory.

Crawler directives can be considered a bridge between website owners and search engines to understand which part of the content has access. 

Here are some benefits of crawler directives

Better User Experience 

Crawler directives monitor the search engines that they should not crawl and index low-quality content. So, eventually, they are responsible for improvising the user experiences. 

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

With the help of some crawler directives such as Disallow, you can restrict the search engine crawl or index your pages to prevent users to view sensitive information. 

Quick Indexation of Important Content

Using crawler directives such as A you can make your web pages easily visible to the audience by instructing search engine bots to access indexing and crawling. 

Now that you know some benefits of the crawler directives, let’s dive into the types of it. 

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Top 5 Crawler Directives You Need to Know

1. Allow 

As the name suggests, the ‘Allow’ directive instructs the search engine bots to give access to indexing and crawling the web pages. These crawler directives foster access to various URLs, sections, and files of the website.

It enables the webmaster to go through the crawlers of the search engine bots to specific areas of the pages or server to explore. This crawler directive is situated in the root directory. 

The webmaster ensures the crawling of high-quality and optimized pages by directing the crawlers. It smoothens the crawling process without any hassles.

You can also use this directive when enabling crawling for a URL where the ‘disallow’ directive has blocked a specific section in the website and you want bots to crawl a specific portion from blocked content. 

2. Disallow

This crawler directive is opposite to the ‘allow’ directives. This directive aids the search engine bots by setting which part of the web pages should be restricted from crawling and indexing.

It prevents using and wasting the crawl budget for low-quality content. Along with enabling webmasters to protect your sensitive content or data, it hides unnecessary content from the sight of users.

Practically, when a search engine bot undergoes a ‘disallow’ directive for a particular URL, it will avoid crawling and indexing on that section. 

3. Crawl-Delay Directive

Crawl-delay is a crawler directive that plays a significant role in a website that gains enormous traffic from search engine crawlers.

Same way, it is also beneficial for the website to have limited server resources. This crawler directive instructs the search engine bots on how often they should crawl the website.

It describes the time delay within seconds that has been monitored from the requests from the search engine bots to the server. 

4. Noindex Directive

During indexing, the search engines monitor and analyze the content on your web pages or sites and store it in the database resulting in the ranking of the pages in the SERP results. 

But as the name says, the ‘Noindex’ directive restricts search engine bots from indexing specific pages to prevent pages from SERP results that are not fully developed.

This directive can be incorporated through the metatags in the HTML code of the web page easily. This metatag is included by the webmaster in the HTML header of the page, leading to restriction of indexing the content. 

In simple words, when a search engine bot undergoes this meta tag, they skip the specific page from indexing.

This directive plays a beneficial role in resolving duplicate content issues and eliminating content or data with low quality.

You can also use this crawler directive as a quick action to temporarily hide a page from search engine rankings. 

5. User-Agent Directive

Unlike other crawler directives, the user agent directive is selective about which web crawler shall have access to crawl the specific, sections of the website.

Through this directive, you can easily monitor and manage the behavior of the crawler and ensure that they are accessing the right content. 

To implement the user-agent directive, you have to use a particular file called ‘robots.txt’ that should be located in the website’s root directory.

Do you know why this crawler directive is significant? Since this directive helps you to control the crawlers, you safeguard your privacy and sensitive data from dangerous and malicious bots.

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Learn about Crawler Directive to Optimize Your Website

You might be new to these insights, but it is essential to know the deeper version of search engines and the process for boosting the performance of the search engine.

Understanding these crawler directives, you will learn the route through which the search engine interacts and indexes your content.

It will also help you bring strategies and methods to optimize your website, which would result in increased visibility of your content. 

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If you are struggling to rank your website in the SERP and boost traffic, then you are at the right place. provides personalized link-building and digital marketing services with a bunch of experienced and skilled professionals. 

Backlink management

Backlink Management in 2023: Do’s and Don’ts for Successful SEO

To win the competition in the digital business world and create your brand identity, it became necessary to focus on your SEO factors and backlink management.

Along with brainstorming for various digital marketing strategies, SEO strategies and link-building tactics will aid search engines like Google to identify the relevant content as per the search queries. 

Providing relevant and authoritative resources will address the queries and edify the target audience about your brand.

But do you know the exact role of backlinks in your website? Earning and managing the backlinks will boost your online visibility and organic traffic. 

It’s significant to follow best backlink management practices rather than choosing pitfalls that would affect your website growth.

If you are launching a startup or are a novice to business, it’s crucial to be aware of the do’s and don’ts for backlink management. 

Read this blog to acquire valuable insights for a successful SEO in backlink management.

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5 Do’s for Successful Backlink Management 

It’s high time to realize that the quality of the backlinks is more crucial than the quantity of it. Audiences always prefer content that is relevant and authoritative for their queries.

Before acquiring backlinks, you should analyze the website and content to know whether it’s relevant and relatable to your brand or website.

Even though the domain authority is not too high, it will give you a good impact if the website is relevant to your brand. So, it is necessary to gain high-quality backlinks. 

2. Monitor the Domain Authority of the Sites Before Backlinking

Do you know what is website domain authority and why it matters? The domain authority defines the ranking score of search engines developed by Moz to denote the relevancy and ranking of the website on the SERP pages. The websites having domain authority near or above 70 will have a high Google positioning and a high quantity of quality backlinks. 

So, while acquiring backlinks, it’s better to check the website’s domain authority. It will increase the relevancy and authority of your content. It will eventually boost your SERP rankings. 

3. Focus on Guest Blogging

You might have heard about Guest blogging as one of the link-building tactics. Do you know the purpose of doing a guest blog? Unlike other content, guest blogging is all about creating content for the website of another company. How it will benefit you? Guest blogging on various websites will help you to gain traffic and embrace your brand profile with high-quality backlinks. 

It is necessary to take into account that you should deliver valuable content for the websites and avoid spammy practices that would affect your website’s performance and credibility. 

4. Build Trust and Relationship

One of the best ways to gain high-quality backlinks is to build a friendly relationships and network with other website owners, business enthusiasts, bloggers, etc. It will build trust and enhance engagement between websites or businesses related to your niche. This networking will reduce your struggle of searching for high-quality backlinks and help you to gain backlinks naturally. 

As the digital world and competitions evolve, you will experience a lot of revolution in SEO trends and strategies. Being aware of the latest SEO updates and white hat link-building tactics will help you to stay away from spam and improve your website performance.

In addition to these, you should also focus on creating and promoting high-quality content. 

Many people fail to reach their content to the target audience. Do you know why? Lack of promotion is the reason for many resources failing to reach the audience.

You have to focus on sharing your resources on various social media platforms and boosting engagement with the audience to increase the organic traffic and visibility of the content. 

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As we discussed the things to consider for healthy backlink management, let’s focus on things that you should avoid during link building. 

1. Don’t fall for Low-Quality Content

You might be waiting or desperate to gain a backlink for your website. That doesn’t mean you have to pick links from a poor-quality website.

If you are linking your website with low-quality content, it will directly affect your website performance. So it’s necessary to avoid low-quality backlinks. 

Do you know that buying backlinks is against search engine guidelines? Nevertheless, many business owners go for paid links assuming it is an easy way for backlinks, it’s a wrong assumption.

Choosing paid links is considered to be spam by search engines and would result in gaining penalties. You will also experience de-indexing of your website. 

So, avoid or stop using paid or spam links and practice white hat link-building practices to gain more value for your websites. 

3. No Keyword Stuffing and Other Black Hat Tactics

Keyword stuffing is one of the usual practices that many website owners or business tries with the intention of gaining more visibility.

But does it works? Keyword stuffing is considered a black hat practice that manipulates search rankings. Using the target keywords excessively and irrelevantly is against the search engine rules and will lower Google’s rankings.

So, while adding anchor texts to the backlinks, it is necessary to add phrases or terms that are relevant and related to the content. Other black-hat SEO tactics, you should avoid are using private link networks, cloaking, etc.

Relevancy is one of the crucial factors you should consider during backlink management. You should only choose a website that is related and relevant to your niche with high domain authority for backlinking.

Backlinks from irrelevant websites are also considered to manipulate search engines. This will affect your SEO and SERP rankings badly. 

Understanding the benefits of link-building and focusing on it is crucial in this competitive era. No matter how advanced our digital world grows, backlink management always stays as one of the effective ways to enhance the visibility of the website organically.

For your brand to build a strong online presence and reach the target audience, you should be aware of the latest digital marketing strategies, including SEO and link-building tactics.

The above mentioned do’s and don’ts will show light to boat your website performance. 

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What about reaching out for the best link-building services to embrace your website traffic organically? We are here with With a well-researched knowledge of the latest SEO trends and experience in gaining high-quality backlinks, we will aid you to reach new business heights. 

Website ROI

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Website ROI in 2023

It doesn’t matter how much we work on our marketing strategies and campaigns if no appropriate results are shown. There is always a need for effective metrics to determine the performance of your efforts on digital marketing strategies for your business or websites. In such cases, ROI plays a significant role in measuring the effectiveness of your strategies and plans. 

If you are a beginner having the vision to reach new heights in business, it is essential to learn about the significance of ROI. Read this blog to explore the top 5 ways to improve your website ROI. 

Why is ROI significant in a Business?

Let’s start with the basics. 

ROI is the return on investment that acts as a performance indicator to measure the results of your business. It analyses the productivity of certain investments in the business. 

Do you know how to calculate the ROI?

ROI= (Net Profit / Investment) x 100

In the continuous competition in the business world, it is necessary to have a sustaining online presence for a business to target the audience and increase the ROI.

It will assist you in checking the website’s performance and growth considering the investments, leads, conversions, etc.

This analysis will help you in bringing more budget efficiency and impactful marketing strategies for the future based on performance. 

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Website ROI

Having an authoritative website will help in boosting the ROI. So, here are the best-proven ways to improve your website ROI through which you can increase the website traffic, and make more conversions. 

Optimizing Websites for SERP Rankings

Audiences depend on search engines such as Google to resolve their queries and gain information. And, you are aware that people mostly rely on the content that appears on the top results while browsing or searching queries.

So, the primary way to reach the target audience is to generate content that is relevant to the target audience.

To do so, you have to monitor the content on your website and optimize it in terms of SEO. With appropriate keyword research, you will get a clear idea about the target audience’s search queries.

You can easily implement the top-performing keywords to your website and update it to improve Google’s positioning. 

It would lead to high-website traffic and more visibility resulting in more visitors to your website easily. Eventually, generating relevant and high-quality content that addresses the target 

audience and optimizing it accordingly will lead to more conversions and increase the ROI.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

Are your website mobile-friendly? If not, then it would be a triggering reason for your website to get fewer leads. Nowadays, people use various systems for work and tasks.

And, it’s high time to realize that a major proportion of search queries are through mobile phones. So, if your website doesn’t run smoothly on a mobile, it reduces the opportunity to reach a majority of audiences. 

In addition to these, you should be aware that mobile-friendly websites are identified and easily ranked higher on SERPs by Google. 

Boost User Experience and Engagement

You might have experienced a lot of brand websites offering a user-friendly experience. An impressive website offering a user-friendly interface and seamless navigation promotes the users and audience to carry out their actions effortlessly and convert them into customers. 

Along with navigation, you should also create a visually appealing design, impressive layouts, catchy call to action, check the website loading speed, etc. would drive them to become our loyal customers.

To monitor the user experience, you can analyze the performance of your website on various devices or systems. 

Providing a flawless user experience will directly embrace user engagement. With appropriate research and marketing strategies, you can gather user interests and needs through tools such as CRM, cookies, etc.

With the help of these insights, you can easily target an audience and share customized content such as emailers on updates, product suggestions, newsletters, and more. It can motivate the audience to become your customers and purchase your product or services easily. 

Content Marketing And Social Media Marketing

High-quality content is the only gateway to reach your target audiences. Creating valuable and resourceful content in various formats and platforms will educate the audience about your brand and its significance.

Understanding the customer pain points and addressing and answering their queries through sharable and informational content in the form of posts, videos, blogs, infographics, etc.

Along with user-generated content, you can also share gated content to target the specific audience who has shown interest in your websites. These methods will build trust, credibility, and authority for the website. 

Other than content marketing, social media marketing is the next method to focus on. As you know, social media is everywhere, and its power is increasing day by day.

So, it’s obvious to consider social media as a bridge to connect with the target audience and enhance your brand awareness.

A strong engagement with the target audience through compelling posts, stories, and comments would embrace the online presence of the brand or website. 

Effective content marketing and social media strategies will result in high website visibility and enhance the website’s ROI.

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Create Catchy CTAs

You might have noticed that your website has more visibility but fewer conversions. Can you guess the reason behind it?

A call to action is a button or a statement that would push or encourage a visitor to take action or purchase the product or service. Some common calls to action, we often see on a website are contact us, reach out to us, pay now, etc. 

So, it is essential to optimize your websites with catchy and relevant calls to action for more conversions and boost website ROI. 

It’s Time to Boost your Website ROI

As mentioned above, website ROI is a significant factor in determining whether your business is on the right path.

Being a key performance indicator, it will help you to create efficient marketing strategies and plans to reach new heights. 

Incorporating these five methods, you will see a drastic change in the performance and your website ROI. Enhancing user experience and user engagement, leveraging content and social media strategies, and monitoring and updating your content based on the current trends and SEO factors will boost the website’s ROI and increase the conversion rate. 

Looking for a perfect answer for SEO and digital marketing for your business? Here are we, With a group of passionate experts, we have proven experience in boosting website traffic and visibility through our customized SEO or link-building services. Check out our website to learn more about us. 

seo companies for small business

5 Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses in 2023

Best SEO Companies for Small Business

Running or managing a startup or a small company would be more complex than launching it.

You could easily guess why? There are a lot of factors that would lead a small company to reach out to the target audience. 

The location, the business goal, marketing strategies, social media platforms, etc. are some of the crucial factors that would lead to the growth of small companies. 

But what could increase the visibility or grab the attention of your small companies from the target audience? Yes, SEO is a significant factor that would bridge your business in reaching the target audience.  

Nowadays, there are a lot of SEO companies for small businesses available. This leads to confusion for beginners to choose the right company for their SEO services. 

If you are going through such confusion, no worries. Reading this blog, you will get a clear idea of the top 5 best SEO businesses in 2023. 

Before jumping onto that, let’s summarize the benefits of SEO for the upliftment of small businesses. 

Top 5 Best SEO Companies for Small Business

Why SEO is a Significant for Small Businesses?

SEO could be considered a perfect tool to enhance the online presence that would lead your small business into a renowned brand. 

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy for improving the quality of the content that will result in increasing the visibility of your website or brand organically.  

Boost the Visibility and Credibility of your Website or Brand. 

If your website has the necessary SEO factors like top-performing keywords, internal linking, external linking, etc., it will rank your pages higher on search results like Google. 

Higher Google positioning will increase your online visibility and grab the attention of your target audience. 

Budget-friendly Way of Marketing 

You might be thinking about how SEO will be responsible for budget-friendly marketing. It can earn the expected traffic and leads through effective SEO strategies and SEO companies for small businesses. So it reduces the need for higher investments in large advertisements.

Meets Long-term Goals 

With a proper understanding of your target audience and their needs, you could easily create SEO strategies and optimize your web content to boost visibility. 

This would directly or indirectly attract your new and existing customers. Even though it will not show results in one night, well-planned SEO strategies would increase brand awareness correspondingly. 

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List of Top 5 Best SEO Companies

Best overall SEO Company for Small Businesses

Are you in search of result-driven SEO approaches for your newly-born business? is one of the best SEO Companies for Small business which would be the right choice. 

With a team of SEO professionals, It is an upcoming SEO company or SEO provider that will help your website to embrace its online presence. 

Having hands-on experience in strategic SEO planning, you will experience traffic growth to your website or small business. 

The goal of is to enhance website visibility with the best SEO and link-building practices. With effective white-hat link-building practices, it partners with your business or websites to earn high-quality backlinks

Considering the needs and requirements of the client’s websites, they build customized strategies to increase credibility and grow the backlink profile, boosting off-page SEO and on-page SEO. In addition to these highlights, offers budget-friendly pricing based on the needs that fit all kinds of business startups. 

Why Choose

  • Experienced marketing professionals, SEO experts, guest post writers
  • Assist your website to stand out from the competition
  • Conducts proper research and implements the latest digital marketing trends to create an impact on your business. 

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Best SEO Services for ROI

Are you tired of looking for SEO companies to earn qualified results? Then, Smartsites could be the answer to your questions. 

Being one of the best digital marketing agencies, you can expect this platform as a perfect fit to optimize and monitor your ROI. 

Being one of the top digital marketing agencies, Smartsites provides a series of agile services along with SEO like web design, pay-per-click, Social media marketing, etc. 

It covers all the directions and possibilities to grow your website traffic and visibility. 

Why Choose SmartSites?

  • SmartSites not only offer SEO or marketing strategies but also help in tracking and analyzing performance. 
  • Assist in generating leads and converting the target audience into loyal customers. 
  • These impeccable strategies will increase the chance of brand awareness and recognition.


Best SEO agency for website visibility

Are you in search of an all-in-one solution for your SEO problems and site visibility? Have a look at WebFX. With an AI-driven approach, this platform is one of the best SEO companies for small business that assists you with core services like MarketingCloudFX to simplify and fulfil your workflows through business platforms like CRM and bookkeeping software. 

Understanding your needs and issues, WebFX designs a customized strategy for accomplishing local SEO programs. 

The series of services includes technical aspects such as citation management, On-page local SEO, review management, etc. In addition to these, it also grants you PPC, and e-commerce SEO for the healthy growth of your business. 

Why Choose WebFX?

  • WebFX understands user needs and offers customized SEO services.
  • It helps in simplifying marketing strategies and processes by managing the data
  • A collective bunch of effective digital marketing services that ensure the growth and success of the brand.

Rank By Monday

Best budget-friendly SEO services

Looking for an affordable platform to fulfil the SEO needs of your small business? Why not choose Rank By Monday? It is one of the best SEO companies for small business to boost local SEO. 

With an enormous number of inclusive services, it looks after the technical side of your website to improve its SERP rankings. 

Along with services like competitor backlink analysis to web design, it would help users in keyword grouping and keyword mapping.  

Through these systematic and well-structured processes, Rank By Monday promotes your content to gain a more online presence naturally and improve brand recognition. 

Why choose Rank By Monday?

  • Rank By Monday is a budget-friendly choice applicable to all types of websites and businesses.
  • Create effective approaches to increase and optimize conversion rates and generate leads.

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Best SEO company for new websites or startups

Are you running a business related to travel, fashion, or Saas? Then, Victorious could be an all-in-one solution for you. 

It is an award-winning SEO platform best known for newly born websites. 

It is a platform that offers 200 optimization factors to improve your SEO and traffic organically. Some of the core services provided by the platform are keyword research services, SEO audits, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, etc. 

By gaining the visibility of the websites with Victorious, you could boost your brand recognition and conversion rates. 

Why Choose Victorious?

  • Assisting you in SEO services, Victorious will provide the best keyword research practices. 
  • Providing high-quality content related to the client’s niches with the help of experienced writers through content marketing services. 
  • Along with offering the best SEO approaches, you will also get to know the performance through keyword metrics, and traffic metrics, and enhance ROI.

Choose the Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

No matter what type of business you run, SEO is a crucial factor that could have a significant impact on the growth of your business. 

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users,” said Phil Frost

The increasing competition between startups and small businesses had hit hard for the newcomers to reach their heights. 

One of the foremost things to do for growing your business would be to target the audience and address their need through your products or services. 

But how is this possible? Yes, SEO is a better way to reach out to your audience and connect with them. It’s time to approach the best SEO companies for small business for better outcomes. 

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Competitor backlinks

A Complete Guide On Competitor Backlinks 2023

Competitor backlinks

If you are a novice to business, you might have experienced a lot of struggles to meet your link-building goals. The major hurdle businesses face during the early stages is making your website recognizable to the target audience. 

A Complete Guide On Competitor Backlinks 2023

Digital marketing experts use various SEO tactics, including content marketing to increase the search engine visibility of your websites. What about backlinks? Is it essential to focus on backlinks to reach your goals? 

Yes, Backlinks play a critical role that would bring keen changes in Google’s positioning of your websites. Even though you are aware of the effectiveness of backlinks, do you know the need for competitor backlinks? Reading this blog, you will get a clear understanding of the competitor backlinks and the need for them. 

Backlinks and backlink pyramids are effective SEO techniques to improve your search rankings in search results. How will you know that you are winning over your main competitors?

So, you have to research and monitor the link-building strategies of your competitor sites. In such cases, competitor backlinks play a role. 

As the name suggests, it is an SEO strategy through which you monitor and analyze the backlinks from the competitor’s site to get a clear understanding of the types, quality, and number of backlinks used. 

Researching and having appropriate knowledge of competitor backlinks and their websites will help you build a strong backlinking strategy for your websites too!

By conducting proper research and effective competitor backlink analysis, you will get to know how many referral websites or domains and quality backlinks you need to beat the competitor websites. 

For example, if you and your competitor have created a post on lifestyle, the site that has more inbound links will rank high.

As the site which has more referring domains will have more authority in Google so it will always have the great potential to rank in Google.  

Do you know how to identify the competitor backlinks and carry out this analysis? Let’s dig in deeper. Before that let’s understand the type of competitors.

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Type Of Level Domains Competitors

There are two types of competitor Domains based on their ranking on Google pages.

  • Domain-Level Domains
  • Page-Level Domains

What are Domain-Level Competitors?

Domain-level competitors are the websites that compete with your whole site that comes under the same niche, industry, or similar information. 

These competitors will have many common search terms and targeted keywords across the websites. You will find these sites competing with your products and services. 

You can differentiate the domain-level competitors into two categories like 

  • inside-niche domain 
  • outside-niche domain

The competitors that compete with the products and services that your websites provide. You can consider Nike and Addidas as an example. Both companies focus on the same target audience with similar products and services. 

However, in the outside-niche domain, the companies or the websites might not have similar goals, but they are the sites that might target some of the same keywords that you might have. 

Ex: Business 1– Let’s take an organic grocery store that sells a variety of organic produce, meats, and packaged goods.

Business 2– On the other side a business sells a meal delivery service that specializes in organic, plant-based meals, In this case, there are chances both businesses use keywords such as “Organic Foods.

What are Page-Level Competitors?

Page-level competitors are the sites that rank competitively based on the specific keywords that you have on the individual pages. The products and services of your websites and competitors might vary from each other. 

For example, if you have a website based on educational courses, you might compete with a completely different website on page level based on the same keywords.

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In order to identify competitor Backlinks first you need to know who your competitors are. There are two types of competitors,

  • Business Competitors
  • SERP competitors

At this point, we are not focussing on the business competitors as we want to analyze and out beat SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Competing domains. 

Now in order to identify who is your SERP competitors There are a few ways,

  1. Simply type in your focus keyword in the Google search bar and open the list of linking domains that appear on the first page and now try to understand whether their business aligns with your business or not. 

If you have found that your product or services exactly matches that domain in SERP then that will be your direct competitor if not it might be an indirect competitor.

It is always recommended to go with direct SERP competitors to make the Competitor analysis in SEO more effective.

  1. The second way to find your competitors would be with the help of external tools such as Ahrefs, and Semrush. These are a few of the top tools which I personally use to find out my competitors.  

The common keywords indicate the keywords which you and the competitor is competing for. You are free to use efficient keyword tools for finding the top-performing keywords.

How to Identify Competitor Backlinks?
How to Identify Competitor Backlinks?

Once you have identified who your competitors are by either of the methods that we spoke about above. Now our next step is to dig deeper into the competitor’s SEO profile, So in order to do that let’s take the example of as our competitor. 

Now let’s add our competitor domain in the Ahrefs search bar and click on the backlinks option to view the complete backlink profile. So here there are a few things to notice that would be,

  • Total number of backlinks 
  • Backlinks acquired in last 30 days
  • Backlinks lost in the last 30 days
  • Link Type 
  • aDR of the Backlinks

With this, you can understand the backlinks that your competitor is building throughout the month and the quality of the links they are building. 

So based on these metrics searched you can come to a conclusion of what their link-building capability is. 

Analysing Competitor Backlinks 
Analysing Competitor Backlinks 

Other than the above-mentioned strategies, you could look for new backlink opportunities by analyzing and monitoring the competitor backlinks in real-time. 

This method will let you know the effective link-building strategy that is effective in the current scenarios. Through monitoring real-time backlink opportunities, you could also track digital PR strategies to stand out from the competition. 

It makes the process easier by helping you to choose the same websites for backlinking to win in the competitive search. 

It would be effective to use tools such as Buzzsumo to monitor competitive backlinks in real-time. Using such tools, you can easily create a backlink alert by inserting the domain or the URL of the website you want to check the backlinks. 

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Tracking the Competitor’s Brand Mentions

In order to disclose more backlink opportunities, tracking the competitor’s brands is also one of the best ways. As the name suggests, It is the number of times your competitor’s brands have been mentioned online and on various platforms. 

Google Alerts are the best tool to track the websites covering and mentioning your competitor brands. 

Here are a few steps to track the competitor brand mentions from Google Alerts

  • Insert your competitor’s brand name with a quote of “Create an alert about”. This will help you to get a list of competitor brand mentions. 
  • You can choose the frequency such as the number of alerts you want. 
  • Select and insert the following details like language, location, and email address for the alerts to get notified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is competitor backlinking?

Competitor backlinking is one of the search engine optimization strategies that would help you in discovering and analysing the backlinks of your competitor websites.

What is competitor backlink gap analysis?

Competitor backlink gap analysis is all about identifying and determining the pages and websites that are linked with your competitor websites.

The reverse engineering competitors backlink profile doesn’t always gonna help if you are focusing on outreach a mass campaign but nevertheless, it stands as one of the best ways for all the buddy websites if you are planning to outreach to a limit of 50 to 100 prospects. 

Now you might have got a clear understanding of how to identify your competitors and analyze their backlink profiles. Following these steps, you could easily create an effective link-building strategy and win over competitor sites. 

You are free to approach link-building experts or SEO companies for competitor backlinks analysis and robust backlink strategies to make your website more visible in Google. 

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Acquisition marketing guide

Ultimate Guide on Acquisition Marketing in 2023

Acquisition marketing guide

It doesn’t matter what the vision of your company or business is. The ultimate goal is to reach out to customers and grow your business. Since the competition in every field is increasing day by day, startups or companies are struggling hard to acquire new customers. 

Many businesses spend a lot of money on marketing strategies and services to gain new customers. But are you sure you are investing in the right way? To ensure great results, you should focus on customer acquisition or acquisition marketing. 

I hope you have heard about customer acquisition. It is one of the essential strategies to acquire new customers by educating them about our product or brand. Read ahead to learn more about what is customer acquisition. Through this guide, you will learn the strategies of acquisition marketing. 

What are Customer Acquisition and Acquisition Marketing?

Customer Acquisition is a method of attracting and acquiring potential customers to purchase your products or services. It involves different marketing strategies through which you educate your target audience and convince them why they should buy your product. 

It might be a slow process, but the result will be converting the target audience into loyal customers of your brand and uplifting your revenue growth. 

Now you might wonder about the difference between customer acquisition and marketing. Basically, customer acquisition is all about encouraging the customers to take action. Whereas, Marketing is promoting and building brand awareness to reach out to new target audiences. 

What about acquisition marketing? It is a significant process to grow the business by increasing the customer base and revenue. As there is continuous evolution in the digital world, there is a need for effective acquisition marketing strategies to meet customer needs and attract them. 

Unlike other marketing strategies, acquisition marketing only focuses on the audience who is already aware of your brand or products. 

Digital Acquisition marketing

Digital Acquisition marketing is a marketing method that uses various online or digital channels like social media, digital platforms, and organic search to gain new customers. 

Is Customer Acquisition important?

Do you know why customer acquisition or acquisition marketing is crucial in today’s business world? 

No matter you are running a startup or a business, customer acquisition is a significant approach that would help you to survive the competition. It directly or indirectly helps you to invest or reinvest bravely for growth. 

The ultimate goal of customer acquisition or acquisition marketing is to create an effective strategy to gain new customers along with engaging existing ones. 

Some businesses or companies hire customer acquisition specialists to perform and initiate various methods to encourage customers to purchase the product. 

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7 Steps to Know about Acquisition Marketing

Identify your Target Audience

The foremost thing to reach the target audience is to understand their needs. You have to research and study your audience’s expectations and demands and target them accordingly. 

With appropriate market research, you have to define the characteristics of your ideal customers. It is significant to understand their demographics, interests, and even concerns. It will help you to create efficient marketing strategies to approach them. 

 Approach Through Multi-Channels

Nowadays, you can see advertisements for brands or products on various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. It opens a way for the audience or the consumers to interact and engage with the brand through multiple channels. 

Since you can advertise on multi-channels, SEO, Paid ads, Email marketing, etc. are some of the best ones for you. But it is necessary to choose the right channel considering your product or services and your consumers.

Personalization and Automation to Gain Leads

Personalization and automation are strategies that would help you to gather insights and data from the audience or the existing customers. Through these insights, you can provide personalized messages to the customers that resonate with their interests and your business goals. Automation tools allow you to share promotional messages with your customers regarding impressive offers, discounts, etc. 

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Converting Leads and Focus on CRO

Personalized messages are one of the best ways for customers to notice your brand and convert it to leads. But it is necessary to optimize the conversion rate throughout your acquisition process. 

It will help you to know about the customer behavior on the website. Through systematic optimization, you will discover the strategies that have to be changed or improved. 


You might guess the meaning of the term- ‘Retargeting’. Yes, it’s all about targeting the customers or audience who have already shown interest in your brand. 

After targeting them, you have to create strategies for remarketing through impressive emails or messages to boost their interest and drive them to visit the website again for purchase. You are free to use cookies or audience segmentation for retargeting them through ads. 

Track the Performance

How would you recognize whether you are on the right track? Tracking and measuring your performance is as important as building acquisition marketing strategies. 

With the help of various analytic tools, you can measure the performance of your marketing campaigns. 

Some Acquisition Marketing Strategies

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the trending marketing strategies for customer acquisition. It is a method where you have to create valuable and compelling content to educate your target audience. 

You can create blog posts, videos, podcasts, articles, or product reviews for brand awareness. Through these ways, you could easily attract an audience and make them take better decisions.


Search Engine Marketing is one of the popular methods, most business follows to reach their target audiences. Paid search ads on search engines such as Google are one of the best examples of SEM. 

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Email marketing

You might often receive emails from familiar brands and their offers. It’s obvious, if you find it interesting, you might view some emails and click on the CTAs. It is called Email Marketing. 

Email Marketing is all about sending creative and promotional content and newsletter to the target audience to aware them of your brands, products or services. 

These emails are the best way to promote your offers, or upcoming events to engage the customers and drive them to take action. 

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is one of the latest and most successful trending marketing methods. It is a strategy where the company or brands partner with social media influencers or celebrities to promote their products. 

Brands choose specific influencers based on their popularity and followers on social media. It enhances brand recognition and educates the audience about the uses of your brand.

Boost your Sales Via Acquisition Marketing

Other than the mentioned marketing channels, other ways like referral marketing and affiliate marketing would help you. 

In the upcoming years, you will experience acquisition marketing as a key to leveraging your sales and growing your business. 

A well-research study on your target audience, including their needs and expectations will help you in building effective acquisition marketing strategies. 

Along with focusing on customer acquisition, you should also satisfy your audience through a great customer experience that would convert them to become lifetime customers. 

Want to enhance the online presence of your brand? No worries. is one of the top SEO service providers with a group of skilled digital marketing specialists. 

We would be a great companion for your business to reach heights through our SEO- driven solutions and strategies. 

What to do after keyword research

What To Do After Keyword Research To Boost On-Page SEO?- 6 Best Ways

What to do after keyword research

If you are a beginner, you might want to know how to trigger organic traffic and more website rankings. In that case, On-page SEO will be a solution that plays a significant role in modern web marketing. 

What To Do After Keyword Research

On-page SEO is a process of optimizing your web pages to increase the traffic and visibility of your website on the SEO.

One of the main factors to focus on under On-page SEO is to do Keyword research. Effective keyword research acts as the first brick for building search engine optimization.

It is necessary to conduct proper research on keywords to maintain the quality of the website and determine your rankings.

Other than Keyword research, SEO writing, Title Tags, Meta descriptions, internal linking, and visuals will improve your On-page SEO. 

But do you know what to do after keyword research in on-page SEO? If not, then this blog is for you. Here you will get a clear idea about the steps to consider after keyword research for On-page SEO. 

What is Keyword Research? 

Keyword research is a process of optimizing your content by identifying and finding high-quality keywords that have search volume. In simple words, look for queries, words and phrases that users search for on Google. 

Here you can see I have searched for a keyword called “How to make apple pie” and got a keyword difficulty of 60KD and 11k search volume with a global traffic potential of 3.6k which the Pillsbury page is driving.

By adding relevant keywords to your content and web pages, it will be easy for users to find the answers to their queries from the best and most dedicated pages.

Understanding the needs and interests of your customers can be done through keyword research by showing you what they are looking for.

Efficiently conducted keyword research for SEO will act as a medium to connect your business with the target audience and potential customers. 

But conducting only keyword research will not help to increase your visibility. There are further steps to consider after keyword research. 

What to do after keyword research in on-page SEO?

Keyword Mapping

Keywords will be only effective if you use them in the proper ways in your content. So based on the relevancy, you have to organize the highly targeted keywords on the contents and pages.

Have you ever heard about keyword maps or keyword mapping? Based on keyword clusters, the keywords, and pages are divided into groups. It is a process of adding keywords to each page considering their relevancy. 

You can conduct keyword mapping to maintain well-structured content and web pages that will help to improve the site navigation. This leads your page to rank higher on Google based on specific keywords. 

Prioritise and Manage Keywords

After keyword mapping, the next thing to focus on is to manage keywords. It’s necessary to prioritize your keywords to target before focusing on content.

If you are confused about how to target a keyword in SEO or prioritize it, here are some tips for you. 

  • Focus on the search volume of the keywords which is one of the factors to be considered.
  • Picking up low-volume keywords will be effective. Do you know why? Because these are specific keywords that have the power to convert your topics into highly relevant to the audience. 
  • You are free to run a competitor analysis to bring more ideas. 

Focus on Blogs and Posts with SEO Writing 

Writing SEO-driven content will help you to drive new visitors to your site along with prioritizing the search engines. But what factors make your content effective in meeting SEO goals? Here are some things to focus on during SEO writing. 

  • No matter what the topic and niche are, your content should be readable and understandable to the target audience. 
  • Even though it is important to prioritize and add relevant keywords to your website, keyword stuffing will harm it. So it’s better to avoid overusing your keywords. 
  • Lengthy paragraphs can switch off the reader’s interest in the content. So you have to write content without stuffing content and keep your blogs and articles crisp and clear. You could also reach out to some of the best SEO writing services for high-quality content.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta description example

Titles and meta descriptions are important parts of the content that helps Google identify your pages. Generating creative content and the focus keyword will grab the reader’s attention. It will make them choose the right content related to their queries. 

Meta descriptions are the summary of the content that appears on the SERP page along with the title of the content.

This helps the readers to understand what the page is all about so that they will get an idea about it before clicking on it

Adding target keywords in the meta description will help google identify your page for the related queries. 

Adding and Optimizing Visual Assets

Like content, visuals are also important that sets an attraction to the readers. Do you know? More than 36 per cent of customers depend on images while shopping online.

Adding Images, infographics, Graphical representation, and videos make your blogs visually appealing. Along with these, it plays a great role in boosting SEO. 

But while adding images, you have to also consider file size, and format, check whether the images are mobile-friendly, and add relevant alt tags. 

Analyze and track the contents with the keywords

After understanding what to do after keyword research and implementing it on your site, how will you conclude that your web page is performing well? That’s why tracking your performance and rankings on web pages is important.

Tracking and monitoring the ranking of your blogs will give you a clear understanding of the performance level and how to improve it further. 

But how to track a blog post after publishing it on Google? That’s where Google Analytics and Google Search Console come in the role.

Google Analytics is a platform that captures the data from your websites to generate a report of your performance and insights. Whereas Google Search Console helps you in monitoring and tracking the organic traffic of the pages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is keyword mapping an effective step to consider after keyword research?

Keyword mapping is a process of dividing keywords and arranging them in various clusters to assign them to each page. It is one of the effective steps for optimizing and maintaining the structure of the content and pages.

What to do after keyword research on on-page SEO?

Keyword mapping, managing the keywords, SEO writing, focusing on title tags and meta descriptions, etc. are the steps that should be considered after keyword research.

Is adding visual effects beneficial for on-page SEO?

Adding visual assets such as images, videos, and other graphical representations makes your content more engaging and attractive to the audience and enhances the SEO of the content.

Consider these steps for On-Page SEO

Hope, you are clear on what to do after keyword research. Google always focuses on giving valuable information to the reader’s queries.

So, for your website’s page to rank on SERP, your content must be recognized by Google. This can be only fulfilled by following proper keyword research and SEO strategies. 

To create SEO-driven content, you have to use online keyword research tools like Ahrefs and organize your keywords. As said earlier, tracking the performance can be easily done through tools like GA and GSC. You can also approach keyword research services or on-page SEO services for your websites. 

linkable assets for a website

Linkable Assets: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2023

In the ever-changing business world, people are searching for better digital marketing strategies for winning the competition.

Search engine optimization is one such method that has proven its power through the success of many businesses. But are you looking for something more? If yes, then linkable assets will help you.

Have you ever heard about a linkable asset? If you are a beginner who is not clear about linkable assets, then this is a perfect space to learn about them.

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What do you mean by a Linkable Asset?

You might have guessed what is linkable assets. Let’s begin with an example. While you scroll on social media, what can suddenly to a particular content? Some unique or relatable content, right?

Similarly, your target audience and search engines are interested in valuable content that is more relevant. It might be similar to the memes you share on social media when you find it relatable.

In simple words, linkable assets are a piece of unique content that attracts your target audience and are worth linking through blogs and websites. 

These assets or content should be in any form like an informative guide, review blogs, videos, events, and more. But do you know the purpose of a linkable asset?

The linkable assets play an effective role in boosting the visibility and traffic of your website. It is an effective link-building tactic that can generate high-quality backlinks

Linkable assets are used for increasing the brand or business’s online presence among the target audience by enhancing search engine visibility.

Let’s dive more into the characteristics of linkable assets.

7 Things You Need to Know about Linkable Assets

An ideal linkable asset should motivate the target audience to share or link it to their website or blog. In order to do that, your piece of content should be relevant and valuable to the audience. 

Your content should address the queries and problems of the people and should drive them to call to action.

Non-promotional content

One major thing you should keep in mind while creating a linkable asset is it should focus on your audience. 

Your content should represent the target audience rather than your brand. Search engines are not interested in promotional or advertising content.

So, it is necessary to avoid brand mentions or promotional content in your linkable assets.

Top of the Funnel

There is a higher chance to acquire high-quality backlinks through in-depth content that focuses broader audience.

So, you should try to reach your authoritative content to a broad audience to gain more backlinks.

High-Quality Content

Due to some research, it has been proved that long-form content increases the chance of earning backlinks. 

It is necessary that your content should be resourceful and should educate your audience. You have to create curiosity in their minds through your linkable assets.

To develop high-quality backlinks, you should generate content with in-depth knowledge and accurate information.

As mentioned above, your content should be capable of representing the target audience.

Role of Visuals

Is there any role for visuals and social media infographics? Yes, it makes your linkable assets more eye-pleasing with interactive content.

Implementing infographics, high-quality images, or videos in the content makes the content likeable and shareable.

These visuals can convert a complex resource into easily understandable for all kinds of audiences. It will result in gaining links from various platforms.

Whitepapers and Research Studies

As you know, whitepapers and case studies are the prime sources of knowledge and findings. Sharing these forms of content will convert your website into a source of authoritative information.

Building Relationships

If you have built a friendly relationship with influencers, bloggers, or industry experts relevant to your product or brand, it increases the chance of sharing your content. 

You can also try outreaching your linkable assets or piece of content through personalized emails or collaborations. It will boost your brand’s visibility and help in gaining more high-quality backlinks to your site.

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How will linkable assets help your Business?

Long-term value

Linkable assets have the power to generate sustainable value for your website. It would easily attract the target audience and result in more backlinks on a long-term basis. 

Linkable assets with high-quality content are beneficial for developing authority and improving the growth of your website.

Boost Social media engagement

Resourceful and engaging content motivates the audience to share it on various social media platforms.

In this way, you can easily reach a wide audience and boost your brand visibility and awareness.

If your linkable assets consist of informative insights relevant to the audience, they can easily grab the attention of reputable websites and could result in gaining backlinks. 

Through effective social media engagement, you can easily convert your target audience to your customers.

Boost search engine rankings

Search engines such as Google not only consider the number of backlinks for a website, but the quality of the backlinks matters. 

If your website has high-quality inbound backlinks, search engines will consider your website as an authoritative and relevant resource.

So, with the help of linkable assets with effective content, you could increase the backlinks to your website and make your website more authoritative and improve its rankings.

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Organic traffic

If your linkable assets are resourceful and provide valuable information, it will result in increased visibility.

Along with these, it will also lead to referral traffic from the website that shares your assets. 

People who come across our linkable assets on the hosted website will take action to learn more about your business. It can drive more traffic, leads, and impressions to your website.

Create an Ideal Linkable Asset and Reach your Audience

In today’s world of competition, people are running behind new SEO strategies to stand out from the competitors.

Linkable assets are irreplaceable and exemplary SEO strategies that would help you to gain more visibility and leads.

Using informative linkable assets, you can easily enhance your online brand presence. But you have to focus on the points mentioned to create a better linkable asset.

Are you in search of a perfect companion for gaining high-quality inbound links? If yes, then why wait? Visit, the best SEO professionals or experts and learn more about us. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.