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What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?- Best Guide in 2023

If you are a marketing expert or a website owner, you should know the importance of backlinks on your website. Backlinks are the backbone of the website, capable of strengthening the Google positioning of your websites.

Having high-quality backlinks will increase the SERP page rankings. It makes your website appear at the top of the search results for the specific target keywords.

What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?

At the same time, any alterations in your backlink profile, such as adding harmful links to your website without your consent will be detrimental.

So, one of the major concerns of the marketing experts or SEO experts is to come up with high-quality backlinks to the website. In such cases, Backlink Pyramid plays a role. 

Have you heard about Backlink Pyramid? Is it different from other link-building techniques? If you are a beginner, who is searching for perfect link-building tactics, then don’t worry.

You have reached the right place. Reading this blog, you will get more insights about backlink pyramids and their contribution to your websites.

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Being one of the easiest methods, the Backlink pyramid is a link-building strategy that increases the website value through high-quality links. In simple words, it is a technique to generate a multi-level link chain. 

Backlink pyramid focus on prioritizing the links and dividing them into groups based on their quality. The link pyramid system has three different levels of resource categories that can promote your webpage directly.

With the help of these different levels, the backlink pyramid improves the index rate of the backlinks by transferring the link juice from lower levels to higher levels. 

But is a backlink pyramid worth it in this era? Yes, even though it has some limitations, this system plays a key role in improving the visibility and engagement of the website. 

Let’s dig more into the importance of the backlink pyramid. 

Incorporating a well-structured link-building pattern through the pyramid system can improve the SERP rankings and have a good impact on your website domain authority.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the backlink pyramid to be considered before starting it. 


  • One of the major pros of the backlink pyramid is that it increases the strength of weaker backlinks with low quality compared to other high authority or leading websites.
  • With an appropriate link structure, it avoids overloading your websites with unnecessary backlinks that might affect your site negatively. So using a backlink pyramid, you can grow your website positions naturally. You can experience boosting traffic using affordable links. 
  • Along with these benefits, this strategy will not only avoid the risks but help you in landing safely than traditional strategies. For example, if you have a low-quality link that infringes Google standards, then no worries. It will not have an impact on your target page directly. But it will affect the first or second-level links that might result in losing one link from your sites. 
  • Since it is one of the easy methods to execute, you could implement it within 2-3 months without acquiring advanced skills rather than basic link-building skills. 


  • A backlink pyramid will only be effective if it’s well-constructed. If your backlink pyramid is poorly structured, it will affect your website badly. So, it’s significant to approach a link-building or an SEO expert, who has proper knowledge of what should be done. 
  • Even though it is an effective process, it might be a bit labour-oriented and time-consuming when compared to traditional link building. 
  • If the backlink pyramid is not done in the right way and includes spamming, it might lead to Google penalties. 

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A backlink pyramid has three tiers or levels of links that are designed to provide more power to the main page you want to rank on Google. The major factors to be focused on while beginning this link-building strategy are the webpage, that you want to do SEO, and anchor text along with internal links. 

Short guide on Backlink pyramid

Tier 1

This is a crucial level where the quality of the links matters. You have to build high-quality links that will be redirected toward your main webpage. Here, there might only few links that are of high quality for Google and relevant to the page.

The first-tier links should be placed on sites with high domain authority and relevant to your web pages. Since these valuable links are not very easy to obtain, it would take time to build these links. Some examples of Tier 1 links are Digital PR links, Web 2.0 Guest Posts, etc. 

Tier 2

At this level, the websites of the 2-tier have to obtain backlinks from the websites of tier 1. Second-tier links will be of lesser quality and more quantity than the first-level and will be redirected to the first-tier websites. Here you can consider backlinks from pages having average domain authority. 

The major goal of this level is to maximize the performance of the first-tier links. Even though these links are easy to generate, it might be time-consuming because you should create more links at this level. Examples of Tier 2 are Hubpages, Blogspot, and other blog sites, etc. 

Tier 3

In tier 3, there will be low-quality backlinks that will be directed toward tier 2 links. The purpose of tier 3 links is to speed up the index rate of tier 2 links. At this level, you should build more backlinks than at the previous level. This includes comments on the blogs, social bookmarking, etc. 

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  • Even though it is an effective strategy, you should not depend on only the link pyramid for website growth. The link pyramid will work well only if it is executed properly. 
  • No matter for which level you are building links, you should avoid buying spam links. 
  • Do you know where to place the links? If not, then don’t waste your time building link pyramids. 
  • You should not generate low-quality links in the first tier. 
  • Avoid black hat SEO practices including link farms, link generators, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why backlink pyramid is important in SEO?

The Backlink pyramid is an important factor to boost the SEO of your content because it generates a multi-level link chain. This will help you to build a high-quality link-building pattern through which you could easily increase the SERP rankings.

Is a backlink pyramid better than traditional methods of link building?

Yes, a backlink pyramid could be more efficient than traditional methods to acquire high-quality backlinks and it also helps to avoid irrelevant links that will affect your website negatively. This will also allow you to improve your website’s traffic and visibility.

What are the factors that should be avoided during the link pyramid?

Some of the factors that should be avoided during a backlink pyramid are spam links, low-quality backlinks, and black hat SEO practices. Before working on a link pyramid, you should be aware of where to place it.

Want to experiment and try new things over traditional link-building strategies? Backlink Pyramid could be a solution for you. Using this strategy without blackhat link-building tactics will strengthen your backlink profile. But to try it you need to have efficient link-building experts or SEO experts who can build a link pyramid in a structured manner. 

If you are looking for the right door to unlock your possibilities to rank on Google, you are free to visit and contact the linksprout Team. 

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries on the backlink pyramid and given a clear picture of it. Share your views on the backlink pyramid through the comments below. 

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