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5 Stunning Link Building Tools [2023 Reviews]

Link building tools

5 Stunning Link Building Tools

The increasing competition in the digital marketing world made businesses or startups struggle to get more visibility on Google.

The experts are busy building creative strategies to attract the target audience. The most common and effective SEO strategy to enhance SERP rankings is link building.

You might have a basic understanding of link building. But, are you aware of the best link-building tools that would turn link-building into more productive? If not, this blog is for you. 

Before jumping onto the best link-building tools, let’s revert and summarize the need for link-building. 

In simple words, link building is the process of linking other websites back to your websites. This could be carried out through guest blogging, social media posts, or more. But you might be curious to know the importance of link building in SEO

High-quality backlinks have a great potential to increase the relevancy of your website. Having qualified links from an authoritative website indicates that your site has resourceful content that would be helpful for the target audience. 

If your website has a higher number of links without compromising its quality, it will gain more visibility and recognition among the audience and win over the competition.

But to work on link-building strategies, there is a need for efficient tools that would be capable of giving great results. Here are the 5 best link-building tools for your website to rank well on the SERP pages. 

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Ahrefs tool


Paid Plan: $99/month

You might be wondering, why Ahref is placed in the first position as a link-building tool. Ahref is one of the most used and effective tools best to search for websites for link requests and even for guest blogging. 

Now, what makes Ahrefs the best out of the five on the list? Content Explorer, a feature of Ahrefs that is not only best for content research, but also link building. Based on reports, it is proved that after Google, Ahref has the most active crawler. Let’s dive more onto the features of Ahref. 

  • Unlike other SEO tools, Ahrefs will show you the top-performing pages of competitors ranking globally. 
  • With the help of Ahref, you could easily view the report of organic keywords and monitor the changes occurring in the keyword ranking affecting the traffic. 
  • With efficient web crawling technology, this link-building tool will help you by showing your backlink growth and updates. 
  • In addition to these features, Ahref will also help you to analyze the potential of a keyword to gain traffic. 


Semrush tool


Paid Plan: $119.95-$449.95/ month

After Ahref, I would suggest Semrush as a best link building tools, which would be helpful for all SEO professionals in fulfilling all their needs. The main goal of Semrush is to help businesses to get more visibility and insights online. 

Semrush features an impressive and powerful backlink analysis tool that would help marketers to create an effective backlink profile. Along with tracking the backlinks, 

Semrush assists you with opportunities for link outreach. You could smoothly improve your SEO by referring to the competitor’s backlink profiles. 

This link-building tool is also magnificent in building and running campaigns to earn high-quality backlinks.

Some features of Semrush

  • Semrush helps in creating the best helpful content marketing strategies with the help of a content marketing and creation tool that allows you to bring great content ideas to light. You will also get effective content templates for SEO-friendly content. 
  • You will also get a chance to win the competition with the help of the market analysis feature through which you will learn current trends in the market and know your position in it. 
  • Rank tracking is another highlighting feature that helps SEO professionals to track the performance of the target keywords. 


HARO tool


Paid Plan: $19/month

HARO is all about ‘Help a Reporter Out’ powered by Cision. It is one of the best link building tools that aims at providing a valuable resource of content through the collaboration of journalists and PR sources.

In this tool, journalists and bloggers submit their queries three times a day. If you have resourceful content, you are free to respond to them through a pitch. 

But you might be wondering how will this tool be helpful for SEO or link-building processes. Let’s check it out. 

HARO is one of the safest gateways to generate natural backlinks. At first, you have to start with spending your time on the HARO requests that appear daily after registering yourself on their website.

Choose the one that you could answer and that relates to your niche or subject. 

If your response gets published, you will acquire a high-quality backlink from a high-domain website. In this way, you can boost your brand’s reputation and earn more backlinks to your websites. 

Tip: Reporters prefer the content based on who sends it first and then wait till the timeline, So it is better to submit a pitch as soon as you receive their request.

HARO has said that it will send out queries 3 times a day 5:35 a.m., 12:35 p.m., and 5:35 p.m. (EST). (Free)

Hunter tool

Hunter is a platform where you can easily gain an email address in a short period. Extracting data and information from various credible resources, Hunter is best at providing contact information to marketing experts. 

But is it effective for link building? Yes, here are some of the beneficial features that would help in managing link building. 

  • Hunter features a tool called Email Finder that will allow experts to contact the person or website to request links. If you have chosen some websites for gaining backlinks, you can use the option of domain search to gain the information and email address related to the domain. 
  • With the help of Email Verifier, you can easily verify the list of email addresses to avoid unnecessary issues. 
  • Campaigns are another feature provided by Hunter to run outreach campaigns so that you can easily handle link building process. One of the major highlights of this feature is that it supports many email addresses, custom or personalized sending windows, and even follow-up emails. 
MOZ tool


Paid Plan: $99-$599/month

Moz Link Explorer is one of the best link building tools well-known for its ability in link analysis. It helps digital marketers monitor and improve the offline and online SEO aspects and optimize the websites and pages. 

Moz features Link Explorer allows users to work on link research and provides great link-building results. This could be easily done by entering the specific URL into the search bar of link explorer. 

You will get the necessary information such as website domain authority, ranking keywords, backlinks and linking domains, and even the latest links gained or lost by the website. These insights will help you to build more effective link-building strategies. 

In addition to these, Moz allows marketers to do keyword research through Keyword Explorer. 

Providing features such as competitor research, you can also do competitor analysis. Through Moz, you can track and monitor other SEO metrics such as ranking keywords or high-ranking pages, etc. 

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You might have thought that link-building tools are not mandatory but it is most effective for your sites to win the competitors and get more recognition. It not only makes your process hassle-free but also provides effectual results. 

If you are an SEO expert, you might know that it’s not easy to gain high-quality backlinks. So these tools would help you in acquiring great backlinks. There are more effectual link building tools available such as Buzzsumo, Pitchbox, etc. But I have selected the best 5 based on its features and characteristics. 

Our Recommendation: If you are a startup website owner and looking for a cheap and best way to build links, then we suggest that you can go with as it is one of the best link building tools for every beginner. 

Are you running a business? Are you struggling hard to gain visibility and stand out from the competition? You are free to reach out to for link-building and SEO services. Visit our website and blogs to learn more about us. 

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