Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO?- Best Guide for 2023

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO

It’s evident that without SEO tactics, your websites cant improve in visibility or Google positioning. Not only in ranking your sites, but SEO has a great role in domain authority, brand awareness, and reaching your business to the audience. 

Is Link Insertion Still Worth It In SEO?

But what are the factors that come with SEO tactics? The first thing that might come to your mind will be keywords. Even if you are a beginner, you might be aware of the role of keywords, titles, tags, and other on-page optimizations.

But do you know what can improve the authority of your websites? Yes, it’s Link insertion and Link building. But many beginners have a question. Is link insertion worth it in SEO? If you are one among them, here is the answer for you. 

Reading this blog you will get to know why it is important to go for link insertion and link-building tactics and some of its strategies. 

Being one of the main strategies of SEO, Link building has a great role in increasing the SEO and Google rankings.

It is all about establishing relevant links to your websites from other websites that can be easily done through social media, guest blogging, or even directories. 

Do you know why link building is a crucial tactic in SEO? Because Links are the main factor that determines the relevancy of your page.

This will also help search engine crawlers to find your websites. You can use both external and internal links to increase the visibility of your websites. 

Popular and well-known sites like Wikipedia receive more external links that drive them to the top of the SERP page. While comparing, external links are a bit harder to receive than internal links because it comes from other sites.

To gain external links, you have to approach other top influencers and bloggers for guest blogging on their sites. Whereas Internal linking is an easy process of linking one page to another page of your website. 

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Link insertion is a white hat link-building process that includes locating links to the existing and relevant content of a website through direct link insertion outreach. Now, what is SEO outreach? It is a link-building strategy that depends upon the research and valuable content to get the right links. 

  • Along with increasing traffic and improving partnerships, inserting links from relevant websites will bring more trust to the readers. 
  • Inserting links from authoritative websites such as Google’s official page or Wikipedia can give more value to your websites. 
  • Adding links to already existing content on another website will not only make it relevant but also bring tremendous traffic as their page is already ranking in Google.  
  • Being a white hat SEO practice, it is legal to exchange relevant links and go for collaborations. This will avoid you to practice black hat SEO practices.
  • Link Insertions should only be done as a 3-way link exchange as 2-way link insertion is not recommended by Google. 
  • Having an efficient link-building agency will help you search for content that is relevant to your links. You can also change your strategies based on the trends through them. 

Now that you are aware of link building and link insertion, let’s learn some of the link insertion methods. 

Link insertion

If you want your brand to rank well, backlink exchange will be an effective solution. But it’s not as easy to find ideal partners to exchange links.

Along with searching for relevant sites that suit your content, you should also find a site that allows you to backlink your content. You have to approach a site that is similar or higher to your domain authority. 

Through this collaboration, you can easily improve the domain authority of your site. If you are choosing a place that has lesser domain authority and traffic will affect your sites negatively. 

Want authoritative backlinks? For that, the first step is to be an authority by giving good content to the readers. There are chances to get backlinks if someone recognizes your content as useful and factual.

But this would only be beneficial to you are linked to a relevant website that comes under similar niches. If you are linked to a website with a negative reputation, it would affect your domain badly. 

Guest Posting

Link insertion

Finally, here comes Guest posting. It is one of the common link-building strategies to gain more backlinks. It is a process of collaborating and writing content for another website so that you can link your site to it.

Since this process is beneficial for both parties, you can easily go for this process to get a free backlink by providing the best guest post services.

Being one of the best methods to rank your sites, bloggers use this method of free guest posts for various sites within the same niches. 

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In order to follow and work on these methods to gain links, you consider some tricks. 

Researching Top Domains

Link insertion

Your goal is to gain a link from high-ranking and authoritative websites. But you might find it a bit tricky if you are a beginner in brand building and have a low domain authority.

To resolve this problem, the only thing you can do is to create consistency in content generation. 

It is necessary to consider other aspects of SEO such as keywords, and on-page optimizations along with link insertion to grow and improve the traffic of your website.

Using SEO practices and adding engaging content with a good user experience to your sites can improve your domain authority. 

Using Necessary Tools

Using web tools and link-building services will have a great impact on gaining more relevant links. Some of the major tools used for link-building strategies are HARO, Pitchbox, Ahrefs, etc.

If you want your site to grow traffic, and authority and improve the SERP website ranking, then online link-building services could be a better way for you. 

Link building tools

For example, let us consider HARO Link Building Services. It is one of the online services that are used by media members to gather information, feedback, etc for new content or articles.

Now is it beneficial for business? Even though its actual purpose was to help reporters, journalists, bloggers, etc, it also plays a great role in businesses that are looking for a way to link building.

Since they get a chance to explore highly authoritative publications, HARO will be a good pick for your website growth. 


This will be a continuous process to set your business on the right track, Along with focusing on the link building, you should also monitor the inserted links, make changes if necessary, or do updates accordingly. With proper backlink management, you can improve your website traffic. 

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As said before, link building or link insertion is one of the important SEO tactics to be followed like keywords, title tags, content optimization, etc.

The major purpose behind this process is to improve the authority and relevancy of your website and business. Following the above-mentioned easy link-building techniques will help you to grow your site to the next level. 

I hope this blog gave you answers to all your queries based on link building process. Now if you got a better understanding of link building or link insertion, why wait? Practice or look for effective link insertion services to grow your business. 

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