What is a citation

What is a Citation and How it Helps Your Business- Best Guide (2023)

Are you finding ways for the customers to find your business? What if your services are impressive, but people find no way to get in touch with you? In such cases, citations come into action.

But do you know what exactly is a citation? You might have heard about it many times but lacks knowledge of it.  

So, we are here to help you by guiding you on what is a citation and how it helps your website. Let’s dive more onto the details. 

What is a Citation?

Let’s start with an example. 

Imagine you are a business owner providing Bakery services with a user-friendly website and great features to attract the target audience.

But you failed to list or updating the contact details. Now you can imagine how it will impact your business. 

Citation is the online mentions and information about your business so that potential customers can easily reach out to you through phone number, address, brand name, etc.

These citations act as one of the significant elements of local SEO helping the target audience to find your business.

Even though high-quality backlinks act as a major factor in improving the reach, citations are also capable of boosting the website’s search engine optimization.

These mentions on the various platforms and online directories with or without backlinks will help the users to find and reach out to your business. 

You might be wondering how your business would get visibility if it lacks backlinks. The answer to this question is Citations.

Yes, if your business is mentioned in relevant web pages and reputed directories, search engines will easily identify you.

Many users get easily confused between the citations and backlinks from directories

Even though they might have some similar characteristics of boosting reach and traffic, citations and backlinks differ.

As mentioned above citations are online references of the business that is mentioned online directly such as an address, phone number, etc.

However, backlinks are high-quality links that connect two websites with anchor text. 

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How should Citations appear on the SERP?

Reading till now, you might have got an idea of how citation appears on the SERP. But do you know how it looks on the SERP? Let’s get into the details. 

If you are focusing on partial citations, you could only add some NAP factors. Do you know about NAP? It is a particular local citation that consists of your business name, address, and even contact number.

If you are running a business in various locations, NAP will help your target audience to find you.

It will play a crucial role in your business because it shows your actual presence by conveying the geographical location to people. 

How does Citation will look like
Cake N’ Bake NAP business listing from Yelp
Cake N Bake Business citation example

Cake N’ Bake Business with location address from GMB (Google My Business)

But before working on citations, you should keep in mind that the pieces of information you provide through citations should be the same and consistent across different platforms, websites, google business profiles, etc.

Consistency should not only be in the data you provide, but also you should have an unvaried text and format. 

Now that you are aware of what is a citation, let’s dive more into its advantages.

How Citations helps your Websites?

You will find the need for citations mandatory for building the reputation and revenue of your business and websites.

Want to know how citations are a worthy player for boosting your reach? Here are some of the advantages of citations. 

1. Building Credibility

When people searching for a particular product or service come across unvaried information across various platforms, it gives a positive impression.

It will help your target audience to make better decisions. Having citations from high-authority websites will boost credibility and convert your business into a reliable and trustworthy company. 

2. Enhanced Online reach

As I mentioned earlier, citations have the ability to aware the target audience about your business and increase local visibility.

If it provides constant NAP information across the different platforms and directories, it helps the audience to find you easily.

It will help in converting the target audience into potential customers. 

3. Improving the SEO

Along with the wide range of SEO aspects like keywords, backlinks, and other content optimization, citations also play a significant role in boosting the SEO of your business.

Search engines such as Google, value citations and enhance the Google ranking of the websites on the local search results.

But it is crucial to provide consistent and relevant information in citations to build the credibility of your business.

It will help your website and business to boost local search when people are looking for services based on a particular geographical location. 

4. Consistent Information

You could easily guess the consequences if you provide outdated or irrelevant information in citations. It will severely affect the reliability and integrity of your business.

People will fail to trust your business due to a lack of uniformity in the information provided through citations.

This inconsistent information will easily confuse the search engines and misdirect the customers along with affecting Google’s rankings.

So, if your citations maintain uniformity in the information along with the text and format across the platforms, there is a higher chance that your website would rank in the top search results.

So, you should take care of your citations and focus on updating them on time. 

5. Winning the Competition

You might be wondering how citations will help you win over local competitors. Maintaining, optimizing, and updating your citation will gain attention from your target audience.

This valuable information will help the audience to look for services based on specific geographical locations.

An accurate citation would give you a competitive advantage and appear in local searches through which you could acquire more potential customers. 

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Make your Business Reliable Via Citations 

It is obvious to see the citations during various searches or looking for a particular business or a shop. But, you might not have realized their importance in your business.

In addition to link building, keywords, or metadata, citations are also a factor that would help in ranking your website on the local searches on the search engines.

A citation would always be better to improve the reliability of your business. 

But it is necessary to monitor that the information you provide on citations is accurate, and up to date to maintain the credibility of your website.

You have to make changes or update the data if you are changing your business location, address, phone number, etc.

This way, you could easily attract the audience and convert them into customers. 

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DIY seo software infographic

10 DIY SEO Software for Every Digital Marketer

list of Diy seo software's infographics

Digital marketing requires search engine optimization (SEO), and using the appropriate tools may considerably increase the efficiency of your SEO efforts.

Digital marketers optimize their websites, analyze data, monitor performance, and improve their search engine rankings with the help of DIY SEO software.

We will explore the top 10 DIY SEO software in this article, which every digital marketer should take into account.

These tools provide several features and functions to simplify SEO processes and increase organic website traffic.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are always looking for ways to increase their online presence and effectively target customers.

By making websites more optimized to rank higher in search engine results, SEO plays a critical part in reaching these objectives.

Marketers need to use cutting-edge marketing technologies to keep ahead of the competition in the digital sphere.

Marketers improve their online presence and generate organic traffic by using DIY SEO software’s insights, data, and optimization strategies. 

10 DIY SEO Software for Every Digital Marketer

1. Freemium ++Tools


The Moz tool is a well-liked DIY SEO software. It provides several freemium tools for SEO, including on-page optimization, backlink analysis, and keyword research.

Moz is a useful tool for digital marketers looking to increase their website’s exposure and rankings because of its user-friendly layout and extensive capabilities.


Another freemium tool with a full complement of SEO features is SEMrush. It provides capabilities like competitor analysis, keyword research, and site audits, enabling marketers to gather insightful information and make fact-based choices.

SEMrush is a great option for DIY SEO software because of its powerful capabilities and straightforward user interface.


Popular DIY SEO software Ahrefs provides a wealth of capabilities to assist with link building, keyword research, and content analysis.

Ahrefs gives digital marketers the tools they need to enhance the SEO performance of their websites and stay competitive with the help of its huge database and powerful tools.

Upon further research, we discovered that Ahrefs is a superior link-building tool to Semrush. Even without a modest UX and UI improvement, Ahrefs surpasses Semrush.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is widely recognized as a web analytics tool, but it also provides insightful SEO insights.

Digital marketers may decide how best to optimize their websites for improved search engine results by looking at website traffic, user behavior, and conversion data.

Google Analytics is a need for any digital marketer attempting to improve their SEO efforts.

3. Personalization Tools

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that helps in content optimization for increased search engine visibility.

To make sure that each piece of content is optimized with the proper keywords and meta tags, it offers real-time suggestions and analysis.

The robust capabilities and user-friendly design of Yoast SEO make it a useful personalization tool for digital marketers in managing WordPress websites.

HubSpot SEO Tool

A wide range of digital marketing tools are available from HubSpot, including an SEO tool that helps digital marketers optimize their websites for search engines.

HubSpot’s DIY SEO software offers practical insights to improve website performance and increase organic traffic, from keyword research to content optimization.

4. Business Intelligence Tools

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps website owners in keeping track of and maintain the visibility of their sites in search results.

It offers useful information about website speed, indexing difficulties, and search visibility. Digital marketers can enhance their SEO strategies by using the information from Google Search Console to guide their decisions.

Screaming Frog

With the help of the powerful SEO spider tool Screaming Frog, marketers can browse websites and collect insightful data for research.

It offers information on the architecture of websites, broken links, duplicate content, and other technical SEO elements.

Screaming Frog assists digital marketers in optimizing their websites for higher search engine ranks with its thorough reports and research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DIY SEO software important for digital marketers?

Digital marketers take charge of their SEO initiatives and optimize their websites by using DIY SEO software rather than only relying on external agencies or professionals.

These software solutions help digital marketers increase the visibility, organic traffic, and search engine rankings of their websites by offering useful information, automating procedures, and providing advice that can be put into practice.

DIY SEO software gives marketers complete control over their SEO strategies while saving time and providing cost-effective solutions.

How can DIY SEO software benefit small businesses and startups?

DIY SEO software is very useful for startups and small enterprises with limited resources. It enables them to manage their SEO efforts without requiring substantial technical know-how or a big marketing expenditure.

Small companies may enhance their entire online presence, target relevant keywords, analyze competitor strategies, and optimize their website’s visibility with the use of DIY SEO software, which will increase organic traffic, brand awareness, and potential customer conversions. 

Can DIY SEO software replace the need for SEO experts or agencies?

Even if DIY SEO software offers useful resources and insights, it could not totally eliminate the need for SEO experts or agencies, particularly for harder or more specialized SEO tasks.

Experts in SEO have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and they can offer solutions and tactics that are specifically focused on the objectives of a certain firm.

However, even working with experts for more specialized purposes, DIY SEO software may still be a useful tool for digital marketers to manage and optimize their daily SEO efforts.

Closing Thoughts

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, having the right tools is essential to succeed in SEO. DIY SEO software provides digital marketers with the necessary resources to optimize their websites, track performance, and drive organic traffic. By utilizing these top 10 SEO software solutions, marketers can enhance their online presence, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve their digital marketing goals.

Key Takeaways:

  1. DIY SEO software empowers digital marketers to optimize their websites without relying solely on external agencies or experts.
  2. DIY SEO software is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups with limited resources, allowing them to improve their online presence and attract organic traffic.
  3. While DIY SEO software is valuable, it may not replace the need for SEO experts or agencies, especially for more complex or technical tasks.
  4. The frequency of using DIY SEO software depends on the specific needs and goals of the digital marketer, but regular monitoring and analysis are recommended.
  5. By leveraging DIY SEO software, digital marketers can gain greater control over their SEO efforts, optimize their websites effectively, and achieve their marketing objectives.
A complete Guide to seo

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to SEO in 2023

A complete Guide to SEO

Are you planning to switch your career to marketing? Then you might have come across the term- ‘SEO’. Search Engine Optimization is an important factor that has a great role in reaching your business into higher page rankings and Google positionings.

If you are a website owner or running a business, it is significant to understand the target audience and reach out to them. So, in such cases, SEO plays an important role in increasing the visibility of your website. 

SEO is a process of enhancing the quality of the content and making it more relevant to increase the traffic of the web pages or the website organically. 

Being a novice, you might have a lot of queries about SEO. This beginner’s guide to SEO will help you to learn the importance of SEO and how it helps your website to grow better. 

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Chapter 1

What is SEO? Why it is Crucial?

Even though it’s not a hard concept to understand for beginners, it might be a bit tricky in mastering SEO and use these strategies in various areas to make your business recognizable. 

What are Search Engines? 

Search engines are software that provides web pages that are relevant to web searches. It helps people to find answers to their queries they are searching on search engines such as Google. 

It gives a great opportunity for the business to reach its target audience and improve the traffic to your site.

Organic Searches 

Organic searches are the visibility that business websites earn without paid advertisements. SERP pages consist of paid advertisements and organic page results that occur through effective SEO. 

You might have seen a feature on the SERP pages such as ‘People Also Ask’, feature snippets, image carousels, etc. The primary goal of a search engine is to resolve the search queries that make the audience come back or stay longer on SERP.

SEO Basics 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of increasing and boosting your website’s visibility and SERP rankings by optimizing and monitoring the content or website. 

The principal goal of SEO is to attract and focus on non-paid traffic to the website for increasing visibility in search engine algorithms. For your websites to rank effectively on search engines, you need to focus on adding relevant keywords, titles, meta descriptions, headlines, descriptive URLs, etc. 

By making your website more SEO-friendly, you could increase the traffic of the website organically. 

Search engines such as Google determines and analyze the relevancy and quality of the content. Google uses complex algorithms to make it easy to identify and understand the content and rank them. 

The various techniques involved in the SEO process are keyword research, technical optimization, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation.

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Importance of SEO in Marketing

If you are starting a new business or struggling hard to reach out new audience, SEO plays a pivotal role in marketing. Here are some of the major reasons why one should focus on SEO for your business. 

Budget-friendly marketing

Unlike traditional advertising methods such as printed ads or broadcasting, SEO will assist you in long-term online marketing in a cost-effective way. 

If you can choose the right source to attract an audience, SEO strategies will help in acquiring high-quality leads through organic searches. 

Targeting traffic and increasing the reaches

Integrating SEO factors such as specific keywords, and considering their keyword density and volume to your content would make it more relevant to your business. Adding keywords with lesser competition and high volume is beneficial to appear in higher SERP rankings. 

This would help you to improve your performance by grabbing the attention of the targetted audience and converting them into customers

User Experience 

SEO not only monitors your content but also assists in improving the website structure, usability, speed, and more. Through this, your website would give a better user search experience to them. 

Having an efficient website has a higher chance of enhancing engagement and building a trustworthy relationship with the audience. In addition to these, your website would result in a higher conversion rate and low bounce rate. 

High Visibility

If you are running a website, you might have seen a lot of businesses competing with you. It might be hard to win and stand out from the competition. 

Using effectual SEO factors and strategies will boost the visibility of your website which might result in increased clicks and impressions. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Through SEO aspects, you could effortlessly address the problems of the target audience and present your brand as a solution to them. In order to make your brand recognizable among the crowd, you should choose an SEO strategy. 

If your website is ranking higher on the SERP pages, it means your business is getting more visibility on Google. It would result in increased clicks and impressions on your website. This will help you to boost your engagement and build more trust and relationships. 

White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO 

Google has basic principles that make pages only for users not for search engines. So, it is important to avoid the shortcut tricks that improve SERP rankings. 

Some tricks that should be prevented are content cloaking, AI-generated content, plagiarised content, etc. 

Before working on the SEO strategies, you should learn about two SEO practices such as: 

  • White Hat SEO 
  • Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the best practice that focuses on providing high-quality content relevant to the user search queries and providing more value to the people. 

These techniques function with the rules of the Google webmaster. It includes SEO strategies that would enhance Google rankings and positions. 

Black Hat SEO is an SEO technique used to increase website rankings by violating Google rules and regulations. Some examples are keyword stuffing, page swapping, irrelevant keywords, etc. 

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Chapter 2

How do search engines perform?

As mentioned in the previous chapter, search engines are built to provide answers and manage the results with valuable content for the queries of the users. 

So, if you want your web pages to be visible in the search results, the search engines should recognize your content. 

To be discovered by search engines like Google, your resources should be of high quality with all the SEO aspects. So, in order to work on the SEO strategies for your content and website, you should be aware of how search engines perform. 

Here you will learn the steps involved in the functionality of search engines. 

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking

What is Search Engine Crawling?

Search Engine crawling is a process through which the search engine identifies and collects data and information from different across the internet. 

The automated software programs that precisely search the data through various web pages from one link to another are called Crawlers or Spiders. 

Now you might wonder, what are the factors that crawlers consider while gathering information and analyzing?

  • Quality of Content
  • Keywords
  • Metadata (Titles, meta descriptions, Headings)
  • Images
  • Hyperlinks 

The main objective of crawling is to gather and display the content or website based on its quality and relevancy to the query. Crawling acts as a key role in offering relevant and quick research results to user queries. 

Search engines always want something new. So, it revisits the websites and web pages after a certain period, and searches for updates and changes. It is to verify whether the content has been updated or not. 

In some situations, you will notice that a particular part of your website is becoming recognized by search engines by crawling. However, it might be different for the other sections of your site. 

So, it is significant to ensure that the crawlers are identifying every part of the website and showing it on search results through indexing. 

Why Content is not appearing on the Search Results?

  • If your website is newly built, then it takes time for the search engine like Google to crawl
  • If your website lacks external backlinks
  • If your website practiced spam tactics such as black hat SEO causing penalties from Google. 
  • If your site’s navigation is complicated, it will affect the crawlers.

What is Search Engine Indexing?

Indexing is a process included in the functionality of search engines. It is a process of collecting, analyzing, and storing the data and insights from web pages and other resources. 

This process involves pulling out and organizing valuable data from various resources and storing it after effective crawling. 

After systematic crawling, the search engines index the information with the help of a search engine database or index. 

This database or index consists of all the information on the web pages such as terms or phrases from the page, keywords, metadata, titles, and URLs. 

This information is stored so that it could be used for providing search results for the queries entered by users. But do you know how it happens?

When a user enters a query, the search engine scans the information stored across enormous web pages. This will help in identifying the relevant information or pages that suit the query. 

The search engine’s algorithm verifies the relevancy and ranking depending on the factors such as keywords, backlinks, and even user engagement metrics. It also considers other elements like page speed, mobile-friendliness, etc. 

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How to Know whether your Page is Indexed or Not?

Here are some factors that will help you to know whether your page is indexed or not. 

Manual Search

It is one of the best ways to know if your web pages are indexed or not. Go to your search engine and enter ‘site:yourwebsite.com/page-url’ and replace the term- ‘yourwebsite.com/page-url’ with the exact URL of your page. 

Webmaster tools

Registering the website into the Google webmaster tools such as Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster tools will help you to verify whether your website is indexed or not. 

Traffic and Analytics

If your site is earning some organic traffic and appears on your website analytics reports, then, it is proved that your web page is indexed. 

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What is Search Engine Ranking?

After appropriate crawling and indexing, the next step is to rank your web pages on the SERP pages. Search engine ranking is a process of ranking and positioning the website or webpages on the SERP pages organically for a specific query or keyword. 

Search engines like Google use complex algorithms resulting in the positioning and ranking of web pages. Along with the content quality, the quantity and quality of the backlinks, authority of the websites, etc. are the other factors affecting search engine ranking. 

In the last chapter, we discussed the goal of SEO. Considering these functionalities of Search engines, SEO plays a crucial role in optimizing the website, content quality, and other technical elements. 

If your page is ranking higher on the SERP pages, it indicates that your page is gaining more visibility and traffic on search engines like Google. 

Chapter 3

What is the role of keyword research and keyword targeting? 

Even though you are a novice to SEO, you might have an idea about keyword research and targeting. Keyword researching and keyword targeting play a significant role in SEO and digital marketing strategies. 

Keyword research is the process of identifying and monitoring specific phrases and terms from search queries related to information, products or services. This will help the business to understand the need and interests of the target audiences. 

Here is an example of keyword research. Your friend Rachel is running a shop based on healthy and diet-conscious chocolates. If you want to help her in increasing her sales of the business, you need to focus on the SEO aspects. In such cases, you should do research on the target audience and their search queries. 

  • What type of chocolates are people searching for? 
  • Who is searching for healthy and diet-conscious chocolates?
  • When are people looking for these chocolates?
  • Why are people looking for these diet-conscious chocolates?

Advantages of Keyword Research

Web traffic

By incorporating keywords with high volume and low keyword density, your website will gain high organic traffic and visibility. 

If your web page is ranking for specific keywords and appearing in top searches on Google, then it results in grabbing more attention from the audience. This will help in converting the target audience to potential customers

Identifying various opportunities

Keyword researching will help the business to discover new ideas, strategies, and topics for your niches having high demand on the market. 

Targeting the specific audience and grabbing their attention to grow your business and increase your sales and growth of your business. 

Content Optimization

With proper and effective research and choosing the relevant keywords related to your niche, you could generate effectual content for your website. 

This would help the audience to get a better understanding of your business and website. By building an appropriate content strategy, you could easily address the problems of the audience and suggest solutions to them. 

Keyword Targeting  

Keyword targeting is a process of monitoring, and optimising the website or web pages, and digital content based on specific keywords to acquire the high Google positionings. Here are some benefits of keyword targeting.

Advantages of Keyword targeting

Improves search engine ranking

Inclusively adding relevant keywords without keyword stuffing to your blogs, homepage, and various parts of your websites will help in improving the ranking of your pages on Google. 

Enhance the Ad campaign performance 

Keyword targeting also has an impact not only on organic traffic but also on paid advertising such as PPC ads. Choosing specific and relevant keywords for the ads and campaigns will help in reaching out to more target audiences. 

Boosting the CTR

When your content or web pages appear on the first pages of Google, it increases the achieves more clicks from the users. Along with acquiring expected traffic, keyword targeting also increases sales by earning more potential customers. 

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Chapter 4

What do you mean by On-page SEO Optimization and Technical SEO?

While optimizing the SEO factors on the websites and web pages, On-page SEO and Technical SEO are crucial elements for improving the visibility of the business. 

By hearing the term, you might have got an idea about the two aspects of search engine optimization. Through this chapter, you will get to know the significance of on-page SEO and technical SEO. 

On-page Seach Engine Optimization:

On-page SEO is the practices and methods used for ranking your web pages higher in search results through monitoring and optimizing the web pages individually. 

It consists of monitoring and converting your web pages to be more relevant and impressive not only for the customers and search engines. 

Let’s dive more into some key factors affecting on-page SEO. 

Factors Of On-Page SEO

Content Quality

One of the key factors that affect On-page SEO is the quality of the content. With an efficient content strategy, you have to build high-quality and valuable content. 

Generating valuable resources relevant to the user search queries will satisfy the target audience and help your web pages to rank higher on the SERP pages. 

Keyword Optimizing

Using various SEO or keyword research tools, you could easily research specific keywords related to your website or business and user search queries. 

Incorporating these keywords based on less competition and high volume, you could easily optimize your web page and make it more visible on the SERP pages. 

Heading Tags and Meta tags

Structuring the title and heading tags (H1, H2, H3) properly is always helpful for search engines to recognize the content and result in higher Google positionings. 

Including relevant keywords in the headings, and metadata (meta title or description) are beneficial for narrating the web page content and grabbing more attention from the users.  

Internal linking

Along with the distribution throughout your website, you should also improve the navigation throughout the website. Accurate internal linkings within the web pages would help users to discover more valuable resources related to the searches. Along with boosting navigation, internal linking also helps in improving the link authority. 

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is another crucial aspect of SEO that looks after the technical factors to improve the overall performance of the websites or business. 

It focuses on the backend and technical elements to know how the crawlers work and search engine evaluates the content on the websites. 

Factors Of Technical SEO

XML Sitemap

One of the major factors of technical SEO is the XML sitemap. Generating and submitting the XML sitemap to search engines will help in identifying and indexing all the valuable resources of the websites. 


Using the robot.txt.file will help in monitoring and controlling the search engine crawlers about the right page to crawl and identify and improve the ranking on Google. 

Website Structure

Along with valuable resources, you should build a website with smooth navigation, a user-friendly structure and an easily understandable content structure that will help in boosting audience engagement. This will also help the search engines to discover the content easily.  

Website Speed and Performance

Have you noticed the website’s loading speed? Is it too slow or optimal? Now you might be wondering whether it matters in the website visibility. Yes, the website loading speed, the server response time, cache mechanisms, etc have a great impact on the performance of the website. 

Is Link Building Essential and Content Marketing in SEO?

You might have heard about link building and content marketing. It has a significant impact on SEO. Let’s learn in detail about the need for link building in the growth of your website and business. 

Link building is a process of achieving high-quality backlinks from other websites to your website. These backlinks also known as hyperlinks have a great role in determining the relevancy and authority of the website. 

4 Reasons Why Link Building is Crucial in SEO

Relationship building

Link building has a vital role in building and improving the trust and relationship between other website owners, influencers, bloggers, etc. This will open the gateway to more opportunities such as guest posting, collaborative marketing campaigns, etc. 

Improving the authority and trust

If your website has valuable resources and high-quality content with an enormous number of high-quality backlinks, it improves your website’s authority and relevancy. It will help your web pages to win over the other competitors

Brand Awareness

To gain more visibility for your existing or newly build brand, you have to focus constantly on SEO aspects, including link building. Now, you might be thinking how is it possible? 

When your website is connected with other websites with high domain authority and reputation, it grabs more attention from the audience. In addition to boosting traffic and visibility, it effortlessly promotes your brand. 

Increasing the Organic Traffic

Increasing referral traffic to your website is hassle-free through appropriate link building. You could approach the best authoritative website relevant to your niche for backlinks. 

When you get a backlink from a reputable website, it indicates your website is trustworthy and relevant to the search engine. 

There are enormous Link building tools that will assist you in earning high-quality backlinks from the top websites. Even though it is easy to understand, it might be a tricky procedure and time-consuming for new brands or startups based on the type of business.

 So, it’s better to approach one of the best link building services or SEO providers that helps you to gain the expected results. 

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Why are Content marketing and strategies important for website growth?

Content is one of the significant key elements that help consumers to learn more about your brand, website or business. Providing clear and valuable resources will reflect and address the issues of specific audiences and give solutions to them. 

Content marketing is a well-structured marketing approach that consists of generating and distributing useful and high-quality content to the target audience on various platforms. 

The main objective of content marketing strategies is to grab the attention of the target audience and drive customers to take action. 

Top 4 Content Marketing Strategies for SEO 

Address your target audience

The first step to consider before generating content for your websites is identifying and understanding your target audience. You have to narrow down the target audience by knowing their interests and requirements. 

Optimized for search engines 

Focusing and incorporating the SEO factors will help your content acquire higher Google positionings. Some SEO factors are relevant keywords, internal linking, external linking, metadata, etc. 

Building high-quality content

After understanding the requirements of your target audience, you should be successful in generating content with high quality. If your content is well-structured, easily understandable, and informative, it will help in reaching out to new audiences. 

You could use various formats such as blog posts, infographics, videos, images, guides, etc depending on your business. High-quality content will result in the conversion of visitors to customers.  

Utilize the different social platforms

With proper research, you should choose the right social media platform to approach your target audience. Platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, etc are some of the best platforms for presenting high-quality content related to your business. 

With various content strategies, you could smoothly boost the engagement and relationship between the audience and the brand.

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Enhance your SEO and Grow your Website

As mentioned, SEO is a dynamic strategy that gives you the power to grow your business online. There are a lot of SEO strategies that would help in growing your website’s visibility and improving organic traffic. 

With the help of efficient SEO services, you will get an infinite way to improve your website growth, increase sales, and stand out from the competition. 

Are you looking for an efficient SEO service? If yes, then we are linksprout.io- a group of SEO experts who are skilled in providing suggestions to various businesses. 

We provide the best link building services and tactics to improve the relevancy and authority of your business and website on SERP. We value your problems and thoughts and give strategic solutions according to your business insights. 

Want to know more about us? Visit our linksprout.io and reach out to us to know more about our services.

Bridge page

What Is A Bridge Page? Why Should You Have One in 2023?

Nowadays people have a clear understanding of the various types and advantages of marketing. They use different marketing strategies as per the aim and objective of their business. Being a marketer, you may come across the term affiliate marketing. It is a method of marketing, through which an affiliate gains a commission for promoting a company’s products. Nowadays, many affiliate marketers share and describe the products through various forms such as blogs, social media, podcasts, websites, etc. 

Exactly What Is A Bridge Page, And Why Should You Have One?

Have you ever heard about Bridge Pages in affiliate marketing? What do you understand by the term ‘Bridge pages’? As the word says, it fills the gap between the affiliate link and the offer, you are marketing.

Even though it is one of the significant marketing tactics, many people are not aware of it. Reading this blog, you will get to know more about Bridge pages ad why should you have one. 

What is a Bridge Page?

A Bridge page is an optimal method and a type of landing page that helps you employ the affiliate marketing and sales funnel. It increases the traffic of the company by playing a mediator role in giving valuable and relevant information about the products and services of other companies.

Let’s consider an example If you see an advertisement for a facial cream on a social media platform. While clicking on it, the ad will take you to a page providing detailed information about the benefits of the cream with a choice below- “Buy” or “Get the Sample”.

If you are got impressed with the cream, you will click on the buy button, right? It will take you to the main website of the company mentioning the price and procedure to buy the product.

Now if you purchased this product, the page that gave information about the benefits of the facial cream will get a commission. I hope now you got an idea of how it works. 

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Are Bridge Pages and Landing Pages the Same? 

bridge page vs landing page infographic

Many people get confused between bridge pages and landing pages. Even though there are a lot of similarities between them, you can figure out some of the factors that differentiate them.

It also aims and drives the audience to the destination page for the expected actions. However, the landing page funnel dives the users into the content related to the benefits of the products and other services offered. 

In other words, it focuses on completing the call to action, but landing pages give reasons why you need to complete the action. Another difference between them is that you don’t need an individual domain to build a bridge page, whereas it is necessary to have a domain name for landing pages. 

But why having a bridge page is a big deal? Let’s dive deeper. 

Why Do You Need One Bridge Page?

The bridge page is important in affiliate marketing since it acts as a transit page for the audience to get in-depth knowledge about the products before purchasing them.

It became a great tactic to attract the audience and build trust in the products. The page should grab the attention of the audience with impressive content to convert them to customers by meeting their expectations. 

Based on the research, it is said that around 80% of business agrees that these pages as a beneficial practice for marketing products. Giving the necessary information, the audience could easily clear the confusion about the product and helps in making the final decision.

Here are some points that will help you in understanding the need for these pages. 

Brand Awareness

Building bridge pages will help you in increasing your brand awareness and will help you in creating a good impression on the audience. This would lead you in increasing the visibility and traffic of the brand or websites. 

Audience to Potential Customer

Here, you will get a basic understanding of your customers and segment the content accordingly. It will help you in driving your business to heights.

But then you should not only focus on converting the audience to customers. You have to maintain a good relationship with them and turn the first-timers into lifetime customers.  

Improve Sales

Quick conversion and helping the audience to make a final purchasing decision is the core objective of this page.

So, having well-structured and unique bridge pages will help attract the audience and help them to take expected actions through which the affiliate marketers will get commissions. 

Improve Engagement

Simply providing informational content will not be beneficial. Your content should be interactive and engaging to the customers to convince them to take action. 

Are Bridge Pages allowed in Google Ads?

If your ads need to qualify in Google ads, then you should meet some factors. One of the main factors is that the ad destination should be safe for Google users and easy to navigate. If your sites have misleading content, then it will be against Google rules.

Some advertisers related to the pharmaceutical industry are not allowed to proceed with a direct download from the ads. If your landing page lacks the necessary original content, google will disapprove your ads. 

Are they allowed in Google ads? Since google wants the landing pages to be helpful, and relevant with the intention to give great user experiences.

So if your bridge pages fail to provide the necessary information with relevancy and originality, then there is a chance that Google will disapprove it. 

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Some Tips to Create Bridge Pages

Quizzes Survey 

Quizzes are the best way to learn more about potential customers and their expectations. You need to focus on presenting quizzes with friendly or simple questions related to the answers or actions you need from the audience. It’s important to avoid quizzes with lengthy and out-of-focus questions that could lead to failure. 

Blog Post and Advertising

Blog posts and advertisements are the most common tactics to build bridge pages. Your blogs and advertisements should be capable of providing the necessary content related to the primary company source to convert the audience to customers.

Creating attention-grabbing and high-quality content will lead to more visibility and traffic to your web pages and convince them to make a final decision. 

Lead management

Through these pages, you can generate leads via E-books or checklists. You can even promote free trials to the customers. In this way, you can increase the interaction with the customer

Frequently Asked Question

What is a bridge page? Is it a part of the landing page funnel?

A Bridge page is a marketing strategy and a type of landing page that helps you employ the affiliate marketing and sales funnel.

How do bridge pages help your business?

Bridge pages help your businesses in various ways such as brand awareness, improving marketing and sales, boosting audience engagement, etc.

Let’s Create One Bridge Page For Your Business

Bridge pages are capable of attracting an audience through high-quality content about the product and services of the main page. As said above, It acts as a helping hand for affiliate marketers. You can build it in the form of quizzes, e-books, blog posts, and more. 

Reading this blog, I hope you got a basic understanding of bridge pages and their role in affiliate marketing. Are you an affiliate marketer? Then, you can try bridge pages could be a great deal in promoting your business. Share your view on this blog through the comments below. 

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SEO White Paper: 4 Best Practices For Content SEO in 2023

Seo White paper

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the act of making site content more visible and competitive in search engine results on pages. Several best practices should be considered when producing SEO content. We’ll look at some of the most important techniques, and this is how to get good quality SEO white paper.

Steps to write SEO white paper infographic

What is SEO White Paper? 4 Best Practices For Content SEO

You might be wondering what is SEO white paper. Why it is crucial? SEO White papers are authoritative digital booklets that help you to be recognized by Google.

It enhances the SERP rankings during industrial searches and boosts the SEO factors by increasing visibility and traffic among the target audience.

Identifying the terms and phrases that consumers use to seek goods, services, or information online by conducting keyword research.

Being able to optimize a website’s content to rank better on search engine results pages (SERPs) for pertinent keywords makes it a crucial component of any SEO white paper plan.

To conduct keyword research for white paper SEO, follow these steps:


To begin, make a list of pertinent themes and subjects that are connected to your company or website. Consider your target market, the goods or services you provide, and any issues or inquiries they could have.

Use Keyword Research Tools 

A variety of tools are available that can assist you in coming up with keyword suggestions and providing information on search traffic and competition.

Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, SEMrush, and Moz Keyword Explorer are a few common tools.

Examining the Search Intent When choosing keywords before considering SEO white paper, take the user’s search intent into account.

Are they trying to make a purchase, looking for information, or looking for a certain kind of service? Long-tail keywords that represent the user’s search intent can improve the likelihood of appearing higher on search results.

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1. Prioritize Keywords That Are Relevant

When you have a list of potential keywords, order them according to their importance and search volume. Concentrate on the search volumes and keywords that are most important to your company.

After you’ve optimized your website for a certain keyword or phrase, keep track of how those keywords are doing over time. You may use this to determine which phrases are generating the most traffic and which might benefit from additional optimization.

You may do efficient keyword research for SEO white paper and optimize your website to appear higher on search engine results pages by following these steps.

2. Publish High-Quality Material

high-quality content
High-quality content for SEO white papers

Who doesn’t like to read a well-researched and informative article? After you’ve determined your target keywords, publish good content that is well-written and benefits your audience.

To make your content more engaging, use clear, simple language to make it easily readable and incorporate photos and videos contributing to unique content writing elements.

Use your target keywords in your content’s title, headings, meta descriptions, and throughout the text to optimize it.

Stay moderate, though, as search engines may consider this spam. SEO white paper loves to include the quality aspect under its main factor!

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Adding internal site links
Adding internal site links

Links from within and outside of a website are crucial to its SEO strategy. Here’s how to utilize their part in SEO white paper successfully :

Link to pertinent internal information on your website to make it easier for search engines to grasp the relationships between the various pages and the structure of your website.

Use descriptive anchor text: To help search engines comprehend the context of the linked page, use descriptive anchor text (the clickable words in the link).

Links from popular pages can direct users to other pages on your website.

  • Make use of a sufficient number of links: Use a modest number of internal links on each page to prevent providing too many choices for visitors.
  • Link to credible sites through external links to provide your visitors more value and to let search engines know that your information is reliable and of high quality.
  • To help search engines comprehend the context of the linked page, use descriptive anchor language.

Avoid linking to low-quality content or spammy websites 

  • Linking to low-quality or spammy websites might undermine the credibility and authority of your website.
  • Linking to competitors should be done with caution because it may cause traffic to your site to leave.

In general, internal and external links can assist your website’s SEO by giving your content context, authority, and trustworthiness.

You can use them wisely to increase your website’s exposure on search engine results pages and give your visitors helpful information.

Most of them consider external linking as an off-page factor but actually, it is also one of the On-page factors so it falls under SEO white paper.

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4. Technical Element Optimization

Technical SEO optimization
Technical SEO optimization

Technical element optimization is a crucial component of SEO white paper. It is important to take care of technical optimization because it will assist in improving page rankings. Here are the main technological components that are involved in technical SEO optimization:

Mobile Optimization 

Mobile Optimization is crucial since more and more people are utilizing their mobile devices to explore the internet. Make sure your website is user-friendly on smaller displays, mobile-responsive, and loads rapidly on mobile devices.

Page speed 

Page speed is a critical factor in SEO white papers. A slow-loading website can hurt your search engine rankings and lead to a poor user experience. Optimize your website’s speed by compressing images, minimizing the use of large files, and using a content delivery network (CDN).

Site structure

Ensure that your website’s structure is well-organized and easy to navigate. Use descriptive URLs, create a clear hierarchy of pages which is also known as breadcrumbs for a website, and use a sitemap to help search engines understand the structure of your website.

Make your website’s title tags and meta descriptions more pertinent, distinctive, and alluring by optimizing them. To increase your click-through rates (CTR) on search engine results pages, use pertinent keywords and give a precise description of the page’s content which could benefit SEO white paper strategies.

Use schema markup to make it easier for search engines to comprehend the material on your website. Search engines can more easily present relevant information in search results because of schema markup, which gives them additional context and information.


Make sure your website is secure and guards user information by using HTTPS. Additionally, search engine algorithms use HTTPS as a ranking component. This is also one of the critical factors when it comes to SEO white paper technical factors

Use a robots.txt file and an XML sitemap to assist search engines in crawling and indexing your website. The XML sitemap acts as a content road map for your website while the robots.txt file instructs search engines which pages to crawl and which to skip.

You may raise your website’s search engine relevance rankings, give users a better experience, and make it more visible in search results by optimizing the technical components of your website.

Analyze Your Site’s Analytics

Analyze your site’s analytics to follow its performance, spot areas that could use improvement, and modify your SEO white paper strategy as necessary. Tools like Google Analytics and Search Console can offer insightful information about the performance of your website.

You can generate SEO content that is valuable to your audience and optimized for search engines by adhering to these best practices. Keep in mind that whitepaper SEO aims to produce content that resonates with your audience and increases traffic to your website and expertise content, and to boost Google positioning of your posted content.

Improve your Content SEO through SEO White Paper

Now, you might have already learned about white papers. It is a detailed report having a description of a complicated topic with proper research. Many SEO experts use SEO white papers as the best way to improve SERP rankings.

These practices will help the users to find relevant information on Google. What makes the white paper different from other types of content are, it helps the users by giving proper solution for their issues.

Through effective brainstorming and utilizing the keyword, research tools will help in creating great SEO white papers.

But it’s important to keep in mind, your content should not compromise on its quality. You could use a content quality checker to determine its chance of ranking high.

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Top Seo Providers

Leading 6 SEO Providers in the Market 2023

SEO Providers

No matter whether a small scale or large scale, SEO plays a tremendous role in expanding the business in today’s world. If you own a business, you might know the significance of SEO to optimize the website and boost its ranking on search engines. 

But if you are a novice to the business, you might find it a bit hard to meet the SEO requirements to increase the traffic of your business.

In such cases, you have to approach for best SEO providers or services that would help you in acquiring the desired results. There are an enormous number of SEO providers available in the market.

It might be confusing for you to choose the right one for you. This blog will help you with the top 6 SEO providers in the market in 2023. 

Top 6 SEO Providers in the Market 2023



Looking for the best team of SEO providers? Here we present one of the upcoming platforms best known for its link building services. You might wonder, why to chose Linksprout above other SEO providers. The primary reason to choose these services is their contribution to making you stand out from the competition. 

With a team of marketing experts, you will experience effective growth in organic traffic and visibility through link building and SEO strategies. Along with ensuring high-quality results, Linksprout also provides budget-friendly pricing that suits all types of businesses. 

Being performance-oriented, Linksprout monitor and track the performance to know more about SEO improvements that would help in making future decisions.

One of the major highlights of this SEO service is the customers get to know the results and performance at every stage. You are free to visit the website and learn more about the team to get a clear understanding of the services. 



Searching for an efficient SEO plan to drive revenue? Then, without a second thought, you could choose WebFX- a digital marketing agency providing SEO services. The one factor of webFX that attracts users is its flexible and budget-friendly SEO plans. 

Being an all-in-one solution for your queries and problems, WebFX will ensure you in boosting your ROI as well as offer you data-driven strategies for your business.

Along with the on-page and off-page optimization, your business will also learn various factors that would help in your future business plans. For example, you will gain machine learning insights, competitor data, ROI reports, etc.

An efficient team of SEO specialists, web developers, and other marketing experts increases the chance of your website getting better results in marketing and SEO strategies. 

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Tired of searching for exemplary SEO services for more visibility for your websites? No worries. SmartSites will help you. It is one of the best digital marketing agencies focusing on results driver approaches. 

Applying to all types of businesses and startups, SmartSites would be an effective solution for optimizing and monitoring your ROI.

The platform ensures an increase in organic traffic through the strategies provided by this digital marketing platform. In addition to SEO analytics and audits, you will be also provided with other services such as link-building, copywriting, etc. 

No matter whether you are running a business related to hospitality, home services, or even retail, you will get benefited from SmartSites through the best marketing strategies. 


Dashclicks seo services

Are you running a small business? Then, DashClicks will be a good pick for you. It is a perfect mix of software and digital marketing services to help small business websites to reach heights.

With a collaborative marketing team, DashClicks assures business owners with exceptional marketing workflows and plans. 

Through DashClicks, you could easily monitor or analyse the performance of your marketing campaigns. It makes lead generation and management easier through automated methods.

Along with helping in your sales journey, DashClick would allow you to track the inbound leads and manage your business with a better workflow. 


victorious seo services

Are you a business owner who is focused on increasing the traffic of your websites, you could go for Victorious. This award-winning SEO service suits most businesses such as fashion, travel, Saas, and more. 

Along with competitor analysis, this SEO service is best for new websites. It provides around 200 optimization factors for improving SEO factors.

Providing services for keyword research, SEO audit, SEO content services and more. Other services are on-page or off-page SEO and other link-building. 


Outerbox seo services

Looking for a platform with a blend of web design and SEO services? If yes, then OuterBox would be a great pick. It is one of the best SEO providers known for businesses related to E-commerce such as BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. 

Outerbox is capable of offering an all-in-one solution for SEO marketing for various types of businesses to earn the expected reach. They follow a systematic pattern of evaluating the current organic traffic of the business or the website.

Then, create marketing and SEO strategies as per the requirements and needs. In addition to these benefits, Outerbox allows customized pricing plans. 

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Wrapping Up

The need for SEO providers is increasing nowadays due to the constant competition in the business and startups. Business and Startup owners find it a bit hard to increase the visibility and boost the traffic of their websites. So, it became significant to seek and approach the best SEO providers for their desired growth and actions. 

But what about link building services? Link building is one of the crucial factors in SEO through which you gain links from other websites to your website.

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Reciprocal links

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

How Reciprocal Links Can Benefit And Affect Your SEO

There is always a right and wrong practice in link building to boost SEO on your website. Link building is an essential step taken to enhance search engine rankings.

Using high-quality backlinks will help your websites to be authoritative and improves their relevancy of the websites. But, what about the Reciprocal link? Is it beneficial for your SEO strategy? 

You might have heard about reciprocal links. If you are a beginner, you might be a bit confused about its roles and benefits.

We are here to help you with proper guidance on how reciprocal links can benefit and affect your SEO. 

Reciprocal links are the collaboration and exchange of links between two or more sites. In simple words, it occurs when sites with similar resources are connected and linked with each other.

To gain a backlink on the website or guest posts, the reciprocal links connect the resource of one site to another one. 

Some site owners prefer this method to boost the visibility of both sites. At the same time, this will benefit the audience by allowing them to visit and view the sites. But do you know the main goal of using reciprocal links? 

Reciprocal links aim at increasing the SEO factors of the respective sites and making them more authoritative.

It helps the target audience to get a better understanding of your business, products, or services by opening the gate to more related content.

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This method is commonly used by bloggers, influencers, and even companies to gain more visibility and trust. 

Let’s have a look at an example for you to get a clear idea of reciprocal links. 

Consider Website A and Website B are in the same niche, providing event management services. Now they decided to connect the website through reciprocal links to provide excess resources to the visitors. 

Website A links to the home page of Website B on one of their blog post related to event management trends. In exchange, Website B links to one of the posts of Website A providing resources about traditional and modern cuisine. 

By using this method, both Website A and Website B are getting positive results in the form of increased traffic and visibility from each other’s audience. 

Pro's and Con's of reciprocal links infographics

Now that you know about reciprocal links, you might be confused about whether it is a good or bad practice.

Yes, reciprocal links would result in positive outcomes, if you used them wisely. It depends on the page or website you choose to exchange links.

If you intend to grow your website’s authority and boost its Google positioning, you should avoid taking risks that would end in penalties. 

Along with following SEO and link-building strategies, you should also keep in mind giving resourceful and relevant content to the audience. 

Here are some benefits of reciprocal links for your business in detail. 

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Increase the Website Traffic

The backlinks have a significant role in increasing website traffic by gaining more visibility from the audience.

Through high-quality backlinks, you could gain attention from your target audience and make them aware of the products or services offered by your website. 

The website owners could expect the same output if reciprocal links are used carefully.

Reciprocal links contribute to raising the traffic when visitors visit and click on your site that appeared on your partner’s site. 

Result in Great Customer Experience

Reciprocal links are beneficial in providing a better customer experience by providing additional resources to the visitors.

Connecting two websites will help the audience to gain a proper understanding of the services or products provided by both websites. 

This reciprocal linking will be adequate in making your content and resources more engaging. 

Enhance the Website Authority

Providing the essential resources by understanding the customer’s interests and queries will make your website relevant. 

If your website address and give solutions to the customer’s problems through reciprocal linking, you could increase the authority of a website.

How Does it Affect SEO Strategy? 

Despite these benefits, there is a chance that reciprocal links may affect your website negatively if you don’t use them properly.

Let’s dive more into the harmful effects of using reciprocal links. 

Prone to Site Penalization

Yes, sometimes reciprocal links go against Google webmaster guidelines. As per Google guidelines, using excessive link exchange will be considered spam and would lead to negative impacts on your sites. 

If the websites result in manipulating or confusing the search results through the link exchange, then your website is at high risk and would result in penalties.

So, it’s better to use reciprocal links naturally to avoid higher risks. 

Increasing SEO for competitors

The one thing to keep in mind before using reciprocal links is you should avoid exchanging links between directly competing sites.

This would result in negative outcomes such as boosting the SEO or visibility of the competitor’s site. 

So, you have to focus on sites that have similar content to yours than websites that have the same target keywords or phrases as your website. 

Affect Site Authority

Of course, it will affect your site authority, if you are exchanging links with a site that are not relevant or related to your content. It would affect your page severely and lose your SERP rankings. 

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Final Words

As mentioned above, reciprocal links would be effective to be included in your link-building strategy if you are using them appropriately.

You should not depend upon reciprocal links totally because excessive link exchange would result in Google penalties. 

That is why it is recommended to go with a 3-way link exchange which means, let’s consider there are three websites named A, B, C. If A is getting a link from B so in order to give an exchange for B, A will acquire a link from C and give that to B, rather then giving link from its own site which is A.

During link building, connecting to websites that are authoritative and relevant to your resources would help you in building trust among the audience toward your brand or business. 

So, if you aim to provide high-quality content and build trust and relationships among customers, you should avoid taking risks and follow good link-building practices.

You could look for natural reciprocal links to increase the value of the websites. 

Are you in search of the best link-building services to boost your website traffic, linksprout.io will help you. We consider your needs and requirements and help you in gaining high-quality backlinks. Want to know more? Visit our website and reach out to us for your queries. 

is e-commerce worth it?

Is E-commerce Worth It In 2023? 5 Important Facts

is e-commerce worth it?

Is E-commerce Worth It In 2023? 6 Important Facts to Know

You might have noticed the profound changes in this era based on marketing, business, and various industries. E-commerce is one among them that has been changing and growing tremendously. Nowadays, it plays a crucial role in people’s lives to find things they want through a mobile phone. 

Do you want to learn more about E-commerce? If yes, then this is the right space. Reading this blog, you will get to learn Important Facts to know about E-commerce. 

But Is E-commerce worth it in 2023? With Internet accessibility worldwide, E-commerce is an open gate for people to find solutions for their needs.

Saving time and money is the major reason people find E-commerce or Online shopping convenient in this era. 

What is an E-commerce?

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore,” said Cushla Sherlock

As you know, E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It includes the process the buying or selling the process through online. From books to furniture, people buy or sell whatever they want on different platforms.

Initially, people prefer going to shops for buying or selling products through physical interaction. But as time passes, this mode of shopping or purchasing products and services easily got replaced through E-commerce. 

During the time of the pandemic, when people were not allowed to go out shopping for the necessary things, E-commerce or Online shopping played a great role. It increased the value of E-commerce and more people started preferring it as a better way for daily needs. 

Other than saving time and money, the factor attracting people towards online shopping is getting things they searched for very easily and buying them worldwide. 

The idea of e-commerce is also adapted by the government. Have you heard about government e-commerce? It is a process when government delivers government services and products to the public through modern and electronic technologies.

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Facts to Know About E-commerce

Role Of Mobile Shopping

Do you know that more than half of the shopping is on mobile? Nowadays, most people spend time on mobile scrolling E-commerce websites such as Amazon and searching for products. 

As per reports, the number of mobile users has reached 5.22 billion. This continuous growth in mobile users has an impact on increasing online shopping. 

The role of mobile shopping in E commerce

 In 2015, Google introduced a ‘mobile-friendly update that helps to improve page rankings on mobile search results. and Now you might wonder why it is important to optimize your websites for mobile.

Optimizing an E-commerce website and converting it into a perfect m-commerce or mobile retailing platform helps your site to gain more traffic and make shopping easier. This will also eventually increase the use of mobile banking.

If you launch your own business or an E-commerce website, the first thing you need to consider is that your Online Shopping platform should be mobile-friendly.

This could increase the chance of a higher conversion rate and less cart abandonment. Since there are a lot of advantages of m-commerce, it could be a turning point for your business. 

Constant Growth Of E-commerce

As said before, the pandemic played a great role in increasing the value of online purchases. Since then, there is no change in the growth of E-commerce. 

The First E-commerce website was Amazon which was launched in 1995. Although there was no profit for the first seven years, it made its first success in 2023. Now Amazon has more than 300 million active users, and 197 million people visit the Amazon.com website every month. 

E-commerce websites have an impact on promoting the brand name and raising brand recognition globally. Traditional marketing strategies often create the hassle of spending more money and time on brand awareness across the world.

So, E-commerce could therefore be considered an alternative to newspaper and television advertisements. Incorporating more discounts and offers to drive more customers to the E-commerce website. 

Dropshipping Business Model

Have you heard about the Brand Dropshipping business model? It is a business model through which an individual can sell their products online without owning a particular physical location where those products are stored.

Is E commerce Worth It- Drop shipping model

Since it needs less investment, Dropshipping could be a tremendous method for a novice to start their business with low risk. It eliminates the time and money of renting a store or warehouse for the business making it more convenient for new businesses. 

AliExpress, Alibaba, and SaleHoo are some examples of the largest dropshipping suppliers in 2023. Are you planning to start a business? You can consider dropshipping as an open gate to increase your profitability and reduce the risks. But it is necessary to maintain dropshipping order management with multiple suppliers, considering the availability of products or out-of-stock orders, and more. 

Free Shipping Services in E-commerce

You might have noticed that while buying some products, the website charge shipping costs. This occasionally frustrates the users or buyers.

Additional charges for deliveries also increase the chance of cart abandonment or removing the product from the cart. So, bringing more free shipping services will eventually increase order values and the conversion rate of your E-commerce website. 

Free shipping services

Offering free shipping services is also considered a remarkable tool that increases the number of visitors to your website and converts them into customers. Providing services without causing extra charges will impact increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 

Role Of Video Shopping

Nowadays, you might have come across video content on some E-commerce websites. But do you understand why? Including shoppable videos on your website could eventually increase the engagement and interaction of the audience across the world. 

Through videos, customers will get a detailed understanding of the product and check whether it meets their expectations. As a result, this could improve customer satisfaction. Since it offers a great shopping experience to customers, video shopping is one of the growing trends in recent years.

Live shopping apps are one of the upcoming trends that some E-commerce businesses allow brands to showcase their products to audiences. Amazon Live is one of the great examples of Live Shopping features. 

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Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality features always make the content visually appealing. Adding VR content to your campaigns will help the customers to get a better understanding of the products and services than an image or video.

Many e-commerce sites started using this trend on their website to give a detailed presentation of their products. One of the great examples is IKEA. It is an e-commerce website well-known for home furnishing products, ideas and designs.

Visiting this website, you will get a clear idea of implementing AR and VR to represent the products and services. 

You might be aware of the continuous growth and development of technology and its advancements. One of its impressive developments is voice search and chatbots.

Now E-commerce industries have adopted this development and added it to their websites to increase the interaction with the audience conversationally and convert them into loyal customers.

Many chatbots and digital assistants are now commonly used due to its great outstanding functionality. The feature of answering the customer’s queries makes voice search and chatbots more impressive.

So, it is the latest trend used by most of the E-commerce industries to recommend or promote products, assist customers, and even for sales automation.

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Post-Purchase Experience

What to do after a customer purchased a product from your E-commerce industry? yes, an ideal E-commerce website should care about the customers even after the purchase.

Providing a great post-purchase experience will lead first-time customers to visit again. Some of the effective steps that would result in the best post-purchase experience are giving a return policy, notifying upcoming special offers and discounts, and more.

If you are confused by the question- Is E-commerce worth it? These trends and facts will answer your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-commerce worth it? Why?

Yes, E-commerce became a crucial part of this era. Online shopping helps people to purchase products without wasting money and time. Being one of the most convenient ways of shopping, it benefits companies to increase their visibility and reach more audiences.

Is there any difference between M-commerce and E-commerce?

E-commerce is a method of selling and buying products through the Internet. Whereas, M-commerce is a method of selling or buying goods with the help of mobile or other hand-held devices.

Consider These E-commerce Facts

Even though there are a lot of ways to increase your conversions on E-commerce websites, several factors can drop your sales or reduce your customer base. One among them is your website design and interface.

If customers struggle to search for a product or feature on your website, this may lead to dropping the cart or increasing the bounce rate.

To overcome these difficulties, you should design a user-friendly E-commerce website that helps the customers to navigate quickly and provides a smooth experience. 

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Before starting your own E-commerce website or owning a business, you should learn more about the trends, facts, and other factors to consider. This will help you create new ideas for your brand and innovate new marketing techniques. 

I hope this blog helped you with valuable information to justify the question- Is E-commerce worth it? You are free to share your view on it in the comments below. 

Backlink Pyramid

What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?- Best Guide in 2023

If you are a marketing expert or a website owner, you should know the importance of backlinks on your website. Backlinks are the backbone of the website, capable of strengthening the Google positioning of your websites.

Having high-quality backlinks will increase the SERP page rankings. It makes your website appear at the top of the search results for the specific target keywords.

What Is A Backlink Pyramid In SEO? How Does It Work?

At the same time, any alterations in your backlink profile, such as adding harmful links to your website without your consent will be detrimental.

So, one of the major concerns of the marketing experts or SEO experts is to come up with high-quality backlinks to the website. In such cases, Backlink Pyramid plays a role. 

Have you heard about Backlink Pyramid? Is it different from other link-building techniques? If you are a beginner, who is searching for perfect link-building tactics, then don’t worry.

You have reached the right place. Reading this blog, you will get more insights about backlink pyramids and their contribution to your websites.

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Being one of the easiest methods, the Backlink pyramid is a link-building strategy that increases the website value through high-quality links. In simple words, it is a technique to generate a multi-level link chain. 

Backlink pyramid focus on prioritizing the links and dividing them into groups based on their quality. The link pyramid system has three different levels of resource categories that can promote your webpage directly.

With the help of these different levels, the backlink pyramid improves the index rate of the backlinks by transferring the link juice from lower levels to higher levels. 

But is a backlink pyramid worth it in this era? Yes, even though it has some limitations, this system plays a key role in improving the visibility and engagement of the website. 

Let’s dig more into the importance of the backlink pyramid. 

Incorporating a well-structured link-building pattern through the pyramid system can improve the SERP rankings and have a good impact on your website domain authority.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the backlink pyramid to be considered before starting it. 


  • One of the major pros of the backlink pyramid is that it increases the strength of weaker backlinks with low quality compared to other high authority or leading websites.
  • With an appropriate link structure, it avoids overloading your websites with unnecessary backlinks that might affect your site negatively. So using a backlink pyramid, you can grow your website positions naturally. You can experience boosting traffic using affordable links. 
  • Along with these benefits, this strategy will not only avoid the risks but help you in landing safely than traditional strategies. For example, if you have a low-quality link that infringes Google standards, then no worries. It will not have an impact on your target page directly. But it will affect the first or second-level links that might result in losing one link from your sites. 
  • Since it is one of the easy methods to execute, you could implement it within 2-3 months without acquiring advanced skills rather than basic link-building skills. 


  • A backlink pyramid will only be effective if it’s well-constructed. If your backlink pyramid is poorly structured, it will affect your website badly. So, it’s significant to approach a link-building or an SEO expert, who has proper knowledge of what should be done. 
  • Even though it is an effective process, it might be a bit labour-oriented and time-consuming when compared to traditional link building. 
  • If the backlink pyramid is not done in the right way and includes spamming, it might lead to Google penalties. 

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A backlink pyramid has three tiers or levels of links that are designed to provide more power to the main page you want to rank on Google. The major factors to be focused on while beginning this link-building strategy are the webpage, that you want to do SEO, and anchor text along with internal links. 

Short guide on Backlink pyramid

Tier 1

This is a crucial level where the quality of the links matters. You have to build high-quality links that will be redirected toward your main webpage. Here, there might only few links that are of high quality for Google and relevant to the page.

The first-tier links should be placed on sites with high domain authority and relevant to your web pages. Since these valuable links are not very easy to obtain, it would take time to build these links. Some examples of Tier 1 links are Digital PR links, Web 2.0 Guest Posts, etc. 

Tier 2

At this level, the websites of the 2-tier have to obtain backlinks from the websites of tier 1. Second-tier links will be of lesser quality and more quantity than the first-level and will be redirected to the first-tier websites. Here you can consider backlinks from pages having average domain authority. 

The major goal of this level is to maximize the performance of the first-tier links. Even though these links are easy to generate, it might be time-consuming because you should create more links at this level. Examples of Tier 2 are Hubpages, Blogspot, and other blog sites, etc. 

Tier 3

In tier 3, there will be low-quality backlinks that will be directed toward tier 2 links. The purpose of tier 3 links is to speed up the index rate of tier 2 links. At this level, you should build more backlinks than at the previous level. This includes comments on the blogs, social bookmarking, etc. 

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  • Even though it is an effective strategy, you should not depend on only the link pyramid for website growth. The link pyramid will work well only if it is executed properly. 
  • No matter for which level you are building links, you should avoid buying spam links. 
  • Do you know where to place the links? If not, then don’t waste your time building link pyramids. 
  • You should not generate low-quality links in the first tier. 
  • Avoid black hat SEO practices including link farms, link generators, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why backlink pyramid is important in SEO?

The Backlink pyramid is an important factor to boost the SEO of your content because it generates a multi-level link chain. This will help you to build a high-quality link-building pattern through which you could easily increase the SERP rankings.

Is a backlink pyramid better than traditional methods of link building?

Yes, a backlink pyramid could be more efficient than traditional methods to acquire high-quality backlinks and it also helps to avoid irrelevant links that will affect your website negatively. This will also allow you to improve your website’s traffic and visibility.

What are the factors that should be avoided during the link pyramid?

Some of the factors that should be avoided during a backlink pyramid are spam links, low-quality backlinks, and black hat SEO practices. Before working on a link pyramid, you should be aware of where to place it.

Want to experiment and try new things over traditional link-building strategies? Backlink Pyramid could be a solution for you. Using this strategy without blackhat link-building tactics will strengthen your backlink profile. But to try it you need to have efficient link-building experts or SEO experts who can build a link pyramid in a structured manner. 

If you are looking for the right door to unlock your possibilities to rank on Google, you are free to visit and contact the linksprout Team. 

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries on the backlink pyramid and given a clear picture of it. Share your views on the backlink pyramid through the comments below. 

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5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

It’s obvious to consider Google is the main reason for the marketing of the business online. You might have noticed many digital experts talking about the importance of search engine optimization in order to provide valid information to the audience. 

Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods

Discussing the SERP website ranking, if there is a high search result shown it will lead to a greater chance for people to click on it. So basically there is greater competition among the websites for Google’s positioning. 

As the technology in marketing has advanced, marketing experts have come up with many short-term or long-term SEO, easy link-building techniques, or black hat link building strategies to increase Google’s positioning.

But Google provides Webmaster Guidelines for SEO strategy that has to be followed by SEO experts to Web developers.

Nowadays people try to increase their website ranking through SEO strategy shortcuts without following Google’s guidelines. So running down to this blog you will get to know about the negative effects of black hat link building methods. 

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What is Black Hat SEO?

SEO is a method of optimizing content to make it visible or rank on search engines. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are the two types of SEO practices. 

The unethical practices that are used to increase your website ranking in search engines like Google are called Black Hat SEO techniques.

One of the main methods included here is the black hat link building. This method is against the traditional link-building process where the SEO shortcuts are taken without being noticed by clients. 

Even though there is a chance for your website to rank through these practices, black hat link building or SEO tactics may lead to penalty issues.

This can seriously affect the website’s visibility and ranking from downgrading to the search engines delisting it. So here are the 5 black hat link building techniques with negative impacts. 

5 Proven Negative Effects Of Black Hat Link Building Methods
Buying Links

High-quality links play a great role in increasing the visibility and traffic of your domain. These links will also help google to identify your website or domain as a trustworthy source.

But what about buying and selling links? Yes, they can unnaturally improve the SEO metrics of the websites but are against Google’s rules. 

Google can track and identify these purchased links that might lead to negative issues like penalties. Getting a manual or automatic penalty from Google will harm your sites. So it’s better to avoid black hats SEO techniques like purchasing links, 2-way link exchange, or link farming. 

Keyword Stuffing

The process of adding keywords more than efficiently to your website is called keyword stuffing. As per SEO experts, it is recommended that your website should have 2 percentage of keywords.

Jamming keywords into the new and existing content and making it Over-optimized will make your website look like spam and lead to demoting your page rank. You have to avoid this by adding relevant keywords optimally for an effective ranking. 

But do you know how to stop these issues? You can conduct in-depth research on the keywords and the topic you have chosen.

The major point to consider is to avoid the unwanted repetition of some keywords and phrases that might have a negative impact on your content example writing content based on negative topics such as cannibalism, Casion topic, adult topics, etc can affect your website’s reputation.

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black hat link building
Private Blog Networks

PBNs are Private blog networks are networks with websites that are linked with each other for increasing visibility. This includes highly authoritative websites that play a great role in link-building. But since they can manipulate Google algorithms, PBNs are considered a black hat link building tactic and illegal SEO.  

Google’s algorithm is capable of identifying the PBN that might drive you to penalties. Since this link-building method has a chance of risk that might lead to the drop of ranking the website, PBNs are not advisable.

PBNs are super low-quality sites as it performs unethical techniques and accepts Low-Quality Guest Posts for 10 or 15$ from third-party websites, In order to penalize these sites, Google always keeps an eye on them.

SEO Tip for black hat link building methods
Impact of PBNs

Content Cloaking

In simple words, content cloaking means violation of Google’s rules by offering irrelevant or unrelated content to the users which leads to poor user experience.

This tactic is used to propel your SERP rankings by confusing the crawlers. It misleads the search engine by giving the thought that a website carries content that differs from what people see from it. 

Content cloaking will have a severe effect like removing your website from the search engine index. To prevent or stop such issues, it’s important to examine the elements of your websites. You can also diagnose whether your site has some hidden text in the Javascript. 

Black Hat Link Building
Footer Links

The sitewide links that appear at the bottom of your site are called footer links. Generally, footers are considered a route for website visitors. Since this footer is a part of every website, most people try to add footer links. 

If you are adding these links along with a commercial anchor text then Google can easily detect it as link stuffing. This might lead to severe impacts on your rankings. 

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Difference between Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO 

Even though both are SEO strategies, black hat is unethical whereas White hat is an ethical practice. White hat link building is adding relevant links, content, and titles.

Improving site navigation and Optimizing your web pages with keywords are other white hat strategies following Google’s rules. But Black hat tactics will include duplicated content, keyword stuffing, non-relevant content, etc. as mentioned above. 

Now have you heard about Gray hat SEO? It is a practice in which both the SEO strategies such as white hat SEO and black hat SEO are used in combination. Even though there are risks in grey hat SEO, they stand in the middle of benign ethical, and unethical.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Cloaking?

Content Cloaking is a process of providing irrelevant content to users. This would result in a violation of Google guidelines and be considered as black hat SEO practices.

Is PBNs effective for increasing the visibility of the website?

PBNs are Private blog networks through which the websites are interlinked to each other to boost visibility. Even though it includes highly authoritative websites PBNs could easily manipulate Google’s algorithms. So, it is considered a black hat SEO practice and should be avoided during link building practices.

Despite getting recognized through black hat link building, there is a higher chance of uncertainty. The impacts that can be caused due to these techniques might affect your business badly.

At the same time following ethical practices like white hat link-building might be a slow process but the results will be sustainable. 

So, it’s better to be aware of these SEO practices to maintain healthy traffic and growth of websites. Nowadays many businesses and websites look for online link building services to increase business growth. So, better to go for the agency for link building that practices white hat SEO techniques.