Customer Acquisition Funnel

6 Stages of Customer Acquisition Funnel: Beginner’s Guide in 2023

Customer Acquisition Funnel

During the journey of growing your business, you might be struggling hard to target a new audience. Whereas, if you have launched a new startup, getting your first customer will be a breakthrough for you.

You have to focus on grabbing attention from the audience, especially in the initial stages. Along with these, you also have to fulfil the end goals and look for growth tactics

Ultimate Guide On Customer Acquisition Funnel For Beginners

In such cases, customer acquisition comes into action. It has become one of the common aspects that every business tries to focus expecting great outcomes.

Strong Customer acquisition helps to generate new customers for your business or convince the customers to revert after their first purchase through various strategies. 

Are you a novice to business and struggling to bring new clients? If yes, then no worries. You have reached the right place. This blog will walk you through the customer acquisition funnel. 

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Customer Acquisition Funnel infographic

About Customer Acquisition

As mentioned above, customer acquisition is an effective process of finding and increasing the potential customers to approach your products and services.

The ideal customer acquisition process will result in effective lead generation and increase the conversion of an audience to customers. 

Do customer acquisition and customer retention have similarities? No, Customer acquisition is all about strategies to bring new customers. However, customer retention is the process carried out after persuading a customer. 

Is customer acquisition important in the modern era of business? Yes, customer acquisition plays a crucial role in increasing brand awareness and persuading sales. 

Every company tries to follow a well-structured customer acquisition funnel to build effective strategies to acquire new customers and increase the revenue of the company.

You can consider email marketing or high-quality customer services as examples of customer acquisition. 

In addition to these, blogs, paid ads, websites, etc are some of the customer acquisition platforms that would help you to connect with potential customers.

You will get a clear idea about the customer’s journey in each stage through an effective funnel. 

“I look at customer acquisition holistically. It’s not a marketing metric: it s a way the company breaths”, said Jeff Samuels– Cisco. 

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Customer Acquisition Funnel Stages


How to boost sales if people are not aware of your brand or company? Your business needs to be familiar with the target audience for the growth of your business. So, awareness is considered the top of the funnel and the first step in the customer acquisition funnel. 

It is the crucial step through which the company educates and makes the target audience aware of the products and services.

Reaching out to a large audience would help the company generate high-quality leads and help the customers make better decisions. 

As a marketing expert or a business owner, you can try various marketing strategies such as content marketing, referral marketing, and even social marketing.

These acquisition strategies will enhance brand awareness and give a better understanding of your brand to the audience. 


What are your thoughts on developing customer interest in the brand? Along with providing brand awareness, you should also grab attention and thrive interest in people’s minds. 

product interest through ads

It will eventually push the audience to make the first purchase. Every business and startup should focus on addressing the problems of the target audience, and provide solutions to them. 

In the customer acquisition funnel, generating interest is a crucial stage through a wide range of customer acquisition channels such as direct mail, social media marketing, etc. Along with these, content strategies such as how-to guides and case studies. 


When the audience recognizes your brand as a solution, they will start considering your brand and products. The audience may have various options, one of which is your brand.

This stage of the customer acquisition funnel is the first active stage where the customers start considering your products and services. 

Brand Consideration

If the customers develop an interest in and consider your brand, they start visiting your blogs, reading blogs, service pages, and more. 

You can even create comparison posts with your competitors, conveying how your brand is different from other brands. If your business can stand out from the competition, then it will easily grab the attention front the audience. 


Do you know what is buyer intent? The signs shown by the customers to buy the products are called buyer intent. If your customers frequently visit your web pages, you can indicate it as buyer intent and a higher chance of buying your products. 

Adding products to the wishlists or carts could also be considered a sign that the customers are close to purchasing. Higher engagements through emails and campaigns are other examples of buyer intent.  


It’s not easy to convert customers from the audience. It takes multiple steps for a business to convince its customers, especially in B2B business. 

If the target audience finds the solution to their queries through your brand or business, they will be more likely to get converted into customers. This might take a bit more time for customers to choose and learn about your products and brands. 

It will help the customers to understand the pros and cons of the products and services, which will push them to make the final decision. Providing free trials and demos will assist in generating more leads and conversions. 


Finally, retention is the last stage of the customer acquisition funnel. Your business will be considered successful when the one-time customers come back and purchase again.

So, it is important to convert one-time customers into loyal and lifetime. As you know it is crucial to retain customers than acquire new ones.

You can build more trust and maintain a good relationship with existing customers by providing personalized customer support and after-sales services. This also includes discounts based on various events. 

Customer Support

A great customer experience will develop customer loyalty and result in returning customers. So, it is important to focus on retention in the customer acquisition funnel. 

The above-mentioned stages are divided based on the function parts of the customer acquisition funnel.

  • TOFU 
  • MOFU
  • BOFU

You might be wondering how to create a beneficial customer acquisition funnel. You should focus on the three functional parts of customer acquisition that play a significant role and different purposes. 

The steps to create an acquisition funnel is being divided based on TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU. Let’s dive more into the steps. 

TOFU- Top of the Funnel

Here, your business should reach out to the target audience and focus on brand awareness. People have to know the importance of your brand and how it would solve their problems. 

So, you have to collect the basic information from the audience such as gender, age, and other factors which will help you create personas and to target them. 

MOFU- Middle of the Funnel

In this part of the customer acquisition funnel, you have to educate the audience and convince them to purchase your products and services. Here you are free to use various strategies and effective customer acquisition channels like newsletters, campaigns, surveys, etc. 

BOFU- Bottom of the Funnel

BoFU is the final stage in the customer acquisition funnel, where your audience makes the decisions and gets converted as your customers. 

Marketing experts or business owners could send push notifications, offering timely discounts based on events, etc. It will boost sales and initiate a final push to the customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a customer acquisition funnel?

With appropriate research, you should discover your target audience and their needs. Based on your target audience, identify and choose the right acquisition channels and strategies and create a plan to reach them. After determining your acquisition cost and budget, you have to launch the acquisition strategies.

What are the main components of the customer acquisition funnel?

The three main components of the customer acquisition funnel are TOFU for lead generation, MOFU for lead acquisition and BOFU for lead conversion.

What do you mean by acquisition plan?

An acquisition plan is a plan that consists of all the documents related to costs, schedules, business management, and even technical aspects that are necessary for an acquisition channel and strategies.

Know More About Customer Acquisition Funnel

Focusing on the customer acquisition funnel is crucial in this era for generating interest in new and existing customers.

Following a well-structured funnel and organized system will help in boosting more clients to your company. So, eventually, it will lead to business growth, giving desired results.

I hope this blog helped you understand more about customer acquisition. Share your views in the comments below. 

positive keywords for fiverr

5 Ways To Find The Best Positive Keywords For Fiverr Gig in 2023

Best positive keywords for fiverr gig

Are you a freelancer? If yes, then you might have come across many platforms through which you can find work and earn money. In that case, it’s obvious you might have heard about Fiver. 

5 Ways To Find Positive Keywords For Fiverr Gig

Are you a beginner on Fiver? If yes, then this blog will be a guide for you. Reading this blog, you will get to know how to do Fiver keyword research to rank your gigs and choose the positive keywords for Fiverr.

The ranking is not just a factor in Fiver but also for decades, we have been optimizing websites to make them more visible to our audience with keyword research for On-page and Off Page SEO.

Before jumping on Fiver Keyword Research, let’s know a bit more about the working of Fiver and Gigs.

Fiverr- The Best Platform for Freelancers

Fiver is one of the best platforms for freelancers and even for people who are expecting high-quality services. It is one of the largest marketplaces where you can buy and sell services with expected quality. 

Being launched in 2010, the cost of each service was decided with a price limit of $5.

But due to many developments and changes occurring in the quality and quantity of the services, they decided to change the price limit. 

Like any other marketplace, the sellers or freelancers will list out the services they provide. Freelancers sit and sell services at their own convenience with the help of Fiverr work-from-home possibility.

The sites like Fiverr are helping hand to people who are in need of services. Here they can freely ask queries to freelancers such as the time taken to finish the order, different niches they could work on, and many more. Based on their satisfaction, the buyers will tend to make an order for the Gig. 

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What is Gig on Fiverr? How to create it? 

The gig is the service that freelancers or sellers offer in the marketplace. Here you can present your talents to potential buyers and provide all the needed information that your client wants before buying your service or placing orders with you. 

But do you know how to create a gig on Fiverr? Follow the steps given below. 

  • Log in to your seller account on Fiver
  • Go to the Selling Section
  • Click on the “Gigs” in the “My Business” option
  • Then, select “Create a new Gig” 
How to create a Fiverr gig
  • It will take you to a page like the one shown below, here you need to enter the details which are being asked for along with Pricing, Gig Description, FAQs, Requirements, and Gallery. 
Creating Fiverr Gig for Fiver Keyword Research
  • Once you are done click “Publish” and now your Gig will be live
  • but before that Fiver wants you to take up a test to examine whether you are suitable to be a part of the seller or not.
  • Incase If you have failed to score the least 60% your Gig will be kept under draft mode until you clear the test and the important part is you can only able to take up the test only once every 3 months.

Now let’s get into the main part that you have been awaiting for which is how to do Fiver keyword research to rank your Gig

Here Are The 5 Ways How To Do Fiver Keyword Research

As a freelancer who is looking for better results, you should focus on the visibility of your gigs. This has a great role in getting orders and expanding their business.

But what can bring more visibility? Keywords are one of the best ways that can trigger your gigs to rank better on the page. But how to do it? 

As you know, the number of impressions indicates the number of people searching the keyword that you have optimized your Gig for.

So, you have to find low competition or positive keywords for Fiverr that can lead to higher impressions

Now you might be wondering what are positive keywords for fiverr. Here are some tips to identify the positive keywords in fiverr.

They are specific keywords that are capable of increasing the visibility and conversion rates of your gigs.

You have to pick top-performing keywords based on low competition, and high volume to gain plenty of impressions.

The gig title is one of the important factors to be considered because it is the first text that the Fiver algorithm takes into consideration. 

You should keep in mind that your gig title has to be crisp, short, and relevant to the services you provide. So, it is better to avoid words that might confuse your target audience. 

There are a few ways to research with free tools, paid tools, a Fiverr keyword generator, and even with Fiver keyword research extension, etc, but here we will see the complete possible ways of doing Fiver keyword research and finding low competition keywords for fiverr.

Here we go ahead and understand How To Do Fiver Keyword Research in 5 ways.

1. Free Style Keywords

Free Style Keywords for fiver keyword research
  1. Simply go to Fiverr and search for the particular keyword that you want to rank for in the search box. 
  1. Now here you can see I have searched for the keyword “content writer” and left a space right after the word and there you can see the suggestions given by Fiverr for the relevant searches. 
  1. Now I am going to collect all the suggested fiverr keywords to add them to my gig in the places of description, title, FAQs, search tags, and so on.
  2. These suggested keywords are the recently searched keywords by the users, by using those keywords you will get enough impressions. 

2. Picking the Low competition keywords For Fiverr

  1. Here you can see I have taken 2 keywords below with almost similar search intent which are “SEO blog post writers” and “SEO blog post authors”. 
  2. Now you can see in the images shown below there are more than 66K gigs are getting ranked for the “SEO blog post writers” keyword. Whereas only 1.7k are getting ranked for the “SEO blog post authors” keyword. Isn’t it a huge difference? Now have you understood how to pick the right Primary keyword?
  1. This is how you need to pick the keyword which is a higher chance to make your gig visible to your buyers with less effort than the first keyword. 

As it is clearly understandable the competition is really high for certain keywords. Freelancers struggle hard to rank their gigs higher and thus fail to see results even having top skills.

This method can help you well if your competition is really high!

3. Suggested Keywords

Here you can see the list of keywords suggested by Fiver which are highly relevant to users’ search queries, considering those keywords as well in your Gig could add even more value.

suggested Keywords for fiver keyword research

In order to find the tags used by your competitors,

  1.  Simply select your competitor’s gig and scroll down to the end of their profile. 
  1. Now there you can see the relative tags that they have used on their gigs. You can check these tags for 4 to 5 of your competitors and pick the keywords which have been frequently repeated and add them to your Gig too.
related tags in fiverr
  1. Fiver allows you to add only 5 tags, so make use of it with the best ones.

5. Understanding the competitor’s keywords 

  1. This method never gets too old! Put your keyword in the search bar and pick the top 2 or 3 of your competitors and read the entire gig and understand what value the seller is adding to his gig.
  2. Whether he has added video, testimonials, the way he designed his thumbnail, pricing structure, and everything. 
Fiverr Gig Descripition
  1. Now, Don’t forget to steal the keywords! Here you can see the example of a gig listed under the data mining category, this guy has used almost all the important keywords to draft his content and he has even highlighted them to make it easily readable by the clients.
  1. Picking keywords from competitors’ content is always a good idea, But never try to copy it as such. 

Once you are done following all the mentioned step your work is just to sit and check your Fiverr impressions and ranking improvement using Fiverr analytics.

Check and analyze the effectiveness of the keywords and the gig’s visibility by adding the keywords at least 30 days before.  

Through these ways, you could create the highest impact with the help of positive keywords on Fiverr.

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Identify the Positive Keywords For Fiverr

As a beginner in freelancing on a platform like Fiver, you may have a lot of queries and confusion to start your work and approach buyers.

With the help of Fiver Keyword Research, you can make your gigs more visible and rank them on the pages through low-competition keywords for Fiverr.

And still, if you find it hard you can go with Fiverr outsourcing or look for anyone who provides Fiver keywords research service.

Being one of the best sites to hire freelancers, Fiverr is the most demanded platform for services.

So, If this blog helped you understand Fiver keyword research and ranking the gigs, why wait? Open a Fiver account and use these features to sell your skills.  

is e-commerce worth it?

Is E-commerce Worth It In 2023? 5 Important Facts

is e-commerce worth it?

Is E-commerce Worth It In 2023? 6 Important Facts to Know

You might have noticed the profound changes in this era based on marketing, business, and various industries. E-commerce is one among them that has been changing and growing tremendously. Nowadays, it plays a crucial role in people’s lives to find things they want through a mobile phone. 

Do you want to learn more about E-commerce? If yes, then this is the right space. Reading this blog, you will get to learn Important Facts to know about E-commerce. 

But Is E-commerce worth it in 2023? With Internet accessibility worldwide, E-commerce is an open gate for people to find solutions for their needs.

Saving time and money is the major reason people find E-commerce or Online shopping convenient in this era. 

What is an E-commerce?

“The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore,” said Cushla Sherlock

As you know, E-Commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. It includes the process the buying or selling the process through online. From books to furniture, people buy or sell whatever they want on different platforms.

Initially, people prefer going to shops for buying or selling products through physical interaction. But as time passes, this mode of shopping or purchasing products and services easily got replaced through E-commerce. 

During the time of the pandemic, when people were not allowed to go out shopping for the necessary things, E-commerce or Online shopping played a great role. It increased the value of E-commerce and more people started preferring it as a better way for daily needs. 

Other than saving time and money, the factor attracting people towards online shopping is getting things they searched for very easily and buying them worldwide. 

The idea of e-commerce is also adapted by the government. Have you heard about government e-commerce? It is a process when government delivers government services and products to the public through modern and electronic technologies.

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Facts to Know About E-commerce

Role Of Mobile Shopping

Do you know that more than half of the shopping is on mobile? Nowadays, most people spend time on mobile scrolling E-commerce websites such as Amazon and searching for products. 

As per reports, the number of mobile users has reached 5.22 billion. This continuous growth in mobile users has an impact on increasing online shopping. 

The role of mobile shopping in E commerce

 In 2015, Google introduced a ‘mobile-friendly update that helps to improve page rankings on mobile search results. and Now you might wonder why it is important to optimize your websites for mobile.

Optimizing an E-commerce website and converting it into a perfect m-commerce or mobile retailing platform helps your site to gain more traffic and make shopping easier. This will also eventually increase the use of mobile banking.

If you launch your own business or an E-commerce website, the first thing you need to consider is that your Online Shopping platform should be mobile-friendly.

This could increase the chance of a higher conversion rate and less cart abandonment. Since there are a lot of advantages of m-commerce, it could be a turning point for your business. 

Constant Growth Of E-commerce

As said before, the pandemic played a great role in increasing the value of online purchases. Since then, there is no change in the growth of E-commerce. 

The First E-commerce website was Amazon which was launched in 1995. Although there was no profit for the first seven years, it made its first success in 2023. Now Amazon has more than 300 million active users, and 197 million people visit the website every month. 

E-commerce websites have an impact on promoting the brand name and raising brand recognition globally. Traditional marketing strategies often create the hassle of spending more money and time on brand awareness across the world.

So, E-commerce could therefore be considered an alternative to newspaper and television advertisements. Incorporating more discounts and offers to drive more customers to the E-commerce website. 

Dropshipping Business Model

Have you heard about the Brand Dropshipping business model? It is a business model through which an individual can sell their products online without owning a particular physical location where those products are stored.

Is E commerce Worth It- Drop shipping model

Since it needs less investment, Dropshipping could be a tremendous method for a novice to start their business with low risk. It eliminates the time and money of renting a store or warehouse for the business making it more convenient for new businesses. 

AliExpress, Alibaba, and SaleHoo are some examples of the largest dropshipping suppliers in 2023. Are you planning to start a business? You can consider dropshipping as an open gate to increase your profitability and reduce the risks. But it is necessary to maintain dropshipping order management with multiple suppliers, considering the availability of products or out-of-stock orders, and more. 

Free Shipping Services in E-commerce

You might have noticed that while buying some products, the website charge shipping costs. This occasionally frustrates the users or buyers.

Additional charges for deliveries also increase the chance of cart abandonment or removing the product from the cart. So, bringing more free shipping services will eventually increase order values and the conversion rate of your E-commerce website. 

Free shipping services

Offering free shipping services is also considered a remarkable tool that increases the number of visitors to your website and converts them into customers. Providing services without causing extra charges will impact increasing customer retention and satisfaction. 

Role Of Video Shopping

Nowadays, you might have come across video content on some E-commerce websites. But do you understand why? Including shoppable videos on your website could eventually increase the engagement and interaction of the audience across the world. 

Through videos, customers will get a detailed understanding of the product and check whether it meets their expectations. As a result, this could improve customer satisfaction. Since it offers a great shopping experience to customers, video shopping is one of the growing trends in recent years.

Live shopping apps are one of the upcoming trends that some E-commerce businesses allow brands to showcase their products to audiences. Amazon Live is one of the great examples of Live Shopping features. 

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Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality features always make the content visually appealing. Adding VR content to your campaigns will help the customers to get a better understanding of the products and services than an image or video.

Many e-commerce sites started using this trend on their website to give a detailed presentation of their products. One of the great examples is IKEA. It is an e-commerce website well-known for home furnishing products, ideas and designs.

Visiting this website, you will get a clear idea of implementing AR and VR to represent the products and services. 

You might be aware of the continuous growth and development of technology and its advancements. One of its impressive developments is voice search and chatbots.

Now E-commerce industries have adopted this development and added it to their websites to increase the interaction with the audience conversationally and convert them into loyal customers.

Many chatbots and digital assistants are now commonly used due to its great outstanding functionality. The feature of answering the customer’s queries makes voice search and chatbots more impressive.

So, it is the latest trend used by most of the E-commerce industries to recommend or promote products, assist customers, and even for sales automation.

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Post-Purchase Experience

What to do after a customer purchased a product from your E-commerce industry? yes, an ideal E-commerce website should care about the customers even after the purchase.

Providing a great post-purchase experience will lead first-time customers to visit again. Some of the effective steps that would result in the best post-purchase experience are giving a return policy, notifying upcoming special offers and discounts, and more.

If you are confused by the question- Is E-commerce worth it? These trends and facts will answer your question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-commerce worth it? Why?

Yes, E-commerce became a crucial part of this era. Online shopping helps people to purchase products without wasting money and time. Being one of the most convenient ways of shopping, it benefits companies to increase their visibility and reach more audiences.

Is there any difference between M-commerce and E-commerce?

E-commerce is a method of selling and buying products through the Internet. Whereas, M-commerce is a method of selling or buying goods with the help of mobile or other hand-held devices.

Consider These E-commerce Facts

Even though there are a lot of ways to increase your conversions on E-commerce websites, several factors can drop your sales or reduce your customer base. One among them is your website design and interface.

If customers struggle to search for a product or feature on your website, this may lead to dropping the cart or increasing the bounce rate.

To overcome these difficulties, you should design a user-friendly E-commerce website that helps the customers to navigate quickly and provides a smooth experience. 

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Before starting your own E-commerce website or owning a business, you should learn more about the trends, facts, and other factors to consider. This will help you create new ideas for your brand and innovate new marketing techniques. 

I hope this blog helped you with valuable information to justify the question- Is E-commerce worth it? You are free to share your view on it in the comments below.